When You're With Someone Who Knows Everything........

So, I do not pretend to be an expert on anything, but everyonce in a while, a topic comes up that I might know a little about.........

This was the case today.  I am now married to a very educated successful man.  I on the other hand chose to become a mother at an early age, and did not go to college.  I have managed to take care of myself and my children despite the statistics.  I was raised in the south, and moved to the north after a disastrous first marriage.  Met a great man, married, and here we are today.  Love the man, but hate how he cannot ever accept the fact that I may possibly know more on a subject than he does.  Todays, subject - FISH!!!!!   I am a country girl, through & through.  I know my fish.  I have fished ; I bait my own hook, I can clean my own fish ; and I know where they came from!  So, what started the arguement was the fish I purchased at Kroger.  Yes, it is the same pink color as Salmon, but it is in fact a Steel head trout.  Hubby swears, that it is a salmon.  Cannot possibly accept that the butcher at the store could know more about fish than he does.  Argues with me that the fish is mis-labled.  ARGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!   Google, the facts.  Show to hubby. 

Day 2 - Driving down the road past a local river, we see many cars parked.  Hubby asks, "what could all these people be fishing for today?"  I tell him, "Steel head trout".  Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, No way he says!!!!  & yes, again I am right! 

Tonight's dinner is cooked.  And yes, the fish does taste very much like salmon I admit, but it is not!!!!!!  I cooked & we ate a DAMN Trout!!!!!!  How do you deal with this?  Very frustrated tonight!!!!!

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1 Response Mar 27, 2010

I feel your pain and it's totally a man thing. Men do not want to feel that they are not as smart as their wifes. They feel like it is a kick in the testees. So they say things like "you think you are always right" and you say "I AM" because you know you are. And HE knows you are to....and like I said its like a kick in the testees. So now girlfriend, now that you know their weakness. go lightly, guys hate to be hit in the testies, so let him win now and again, and way less frustrating........love lucy