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50 Things I Hate About Leo Men

Returning for your own masochistic amusement, I see. Well, to all you "Storybook Prince Charming" Leo men out there, this is just a fun little bloggy I wrote based upon my own experiences, perceptions and observations of Leo men throughout my life...with a bit of a humorous Scorpio twist. So buckle up *******, because it doesn't matter what it reads. It's about you, and that's ALL you care about anyway.

1.     They are casually sneaky and fail to reveal pertinent information about  themselves from the get go.  It will serve you well to do your homework, and know his past as boring as it may seem.  He'll demonize every woman he's ever been with to ensure the two of you never meet.  Gawd forbid you corroborate stories and form an opinion based on FACT that would validate your worst fears about your 'said' relationship with the Leo man.  

2.     Making sure that their needs are met before yours takes precedence over all, much to your detriment. This means either way, you lose.

3.     In the beginning, you're going to think you've met the man of your dreams...floating on cloud 9 baby. Guaranteed. You will be flooded with emotions you thought never existed in you. Feelings of love, joy, peace, security and happiness. But the honeymoon doesn't last long. Once they become comfortable in your presence, they will take advantage of you without contributing to your household, leave their dirty clothes at your house for you to wash, inconveniencing your life at every turn...if you allow it.

4.     Take the cream of the crop and leave you with the scraps, e.g., use up all the hot water so you get a nice cold shower and leave empty containers of things in your refrigerator that you commonly use without batting an eye or replacing them. 

5.     They tend to be financially tight-fisted (CHEAP), fiscally irresponsible, and rather selfish!  They aren't selfish with themselves though, just you.  With that being said, when the ball is in YOUR court, run with it! 

6.     Extremely disingenuous, even when conveying their deepest emotions to you. It's cute, really. It's as though they are trying to convince themselves that they actually care about you as much as they proclaim.  It's my belief that they've ALL all taken theater/drama classes.  

7.     They never do anything for you without weighing out the benefit they'll stand to gain from it.  There is an ulterior motive for most everything they pull out of their ***** regardless of whether it's your idea or his.  There is no such thing as "selflessness" with this man.   

8.     They've also been known to throw little toiletries and things for themselves into YOUR grocery cart and then walk away when it comes time to pay the cashier.  So long as you're buying, he'll want the biggest, plushest, fastest, most expensive "WHATEVERTHEFUCK" known to man.

9.     So vain. They spend more time in the bathroom primping, plucking and pruning than any woman I've ever known.  Behind that closed door they're admiring themselves in the mirror (hide your hair products) or blowing up your crapper so when you go to use it, there won't be any toilet paper left.

10.     If they have an animal, they will claim it means 'the world' to him but he does little or nothing to maintain the health and well being of that animal.

11.     Their jokes tend to be not funny to anyone but themselves...and it's usually on YOU!

12.     They honestly feel they have the authority to dispense advice like skittles when they can barely manage to keep their own **** together.  Gawd, can they talk. 

13.     They tend to be vapid, dry, insipid and ineffectual or be the total opposite bubbly and personable...either way it's a turn-off because its a mask they use to hide their "fundamental freak" within.

14.     If you ask them to do something that they don't want to, it becomes a HUGE imposition and they try to play it off as though it isn't but it is SO apparent and they make their displeasure known to you...then they wish to be rewarded for their forced efforts.  But goddamit, if they need YOU to be somewhere to do something for them, you better ******* be there!

15.     I have found that many Leo men are absolute "Momma's Boys" and will proudly admit it because chances are, they're still living at home : )

16.     Few are able to live alone for any substantial amount of time and will cling to any unsuspecting woman who happens to glace in their direction.  One lover will never be enough to satisfy this man who constantly looks over the fence and beyond for greener pastures. 

17.     Uhh...before you hand over your house key, once he's wormed his way into your life BUT GOOD, he will literally "seize" any sense of asylum you've sought to preserve in your humble dwelling.  Your sanctuary will become HIS own personal "Extended Stay" hotel.  He'll treat your things like ****, use your fine Egyptian linens to wipe his *** and trample over that load of wash you just pulled out of the dryer.  After all the cha-ching is gone and they've eaten all your food, ****** your house up, taken a nap and molded permanent sweat impressions into the cushions of your couch...they'll split.  You can then plan on spending the remainder of your day (or weekend) disinfecting, washing the funk out of your sheets, scraping toothpaste off the mirrors and wiping up puddles of ****.  Cleaning Products...good investment to consider.  

18.     They have a tendency to be fundamentally unhappy people, but have no problem drowning you in their misery while feeding on your energy until you don't know who the hell you are anymore.  Psychic leeches who have no qualms about instantly distancing themselves from you during your time of need.  Until you prove to serve a purpose to him, he'll be MIA.  If there's nothing in it for him, he's outtie.  They fundamentally lack the patience, compassion and empathy required to be supportive during a crisis when it concerns you.  Their take on this is, "I don't have time for this ****" or "I can't be around unhappy people"  So I suggest you put on your "*******" lipstick and be ready to please him with a gracious smile on your face because that's the ONLY way he wants to see you. **** your crisis.

19.     If you have children, whether his or yours from a previous relationship, he will expect you to put his needs first above theirs.  What's his, is HIS, and what's yours, is HIS.  As fathers, they're either "all over the place" in every aspect of their parenting style, "absent", or a delightful combination of both. 

20.     Everything is always everybody elses fault and they throw frequent pity parties for themselves so, you better be there with bells on because you'll surely become the object of ridicule.  Here's a fun head game. We'll call it "Fantasy Phone": Let's make his friends believe you're fighting with him on the phone so they'll think you're a complete *******. Meanwhile, he pretends to defend himself against your "imaginary argument", all the while shouting at you through the phone, "Calm down babe. [Yea, she's a little upset] It's's okay" Hello crazy mindfucker :)

21.     You will find that your children will probably not like him as he may become verbally abusive towards them when you aren't around. Or if he decides to be so bold, he'll do it while you are standing there.

22.     They pay little attention to detail on a personal level and will promptly assign little responsibilities and duties for you to carry out for them.  This is partly due to the fact that they spread themselves out so thin, they can hardly keep their crap together. 

23.     Don't you dare do something that they can bring up and smear your face in at a later date because if you do, you will NEVER hear the end of it!!!!!

24.     Nosey fux loving that drama! If you want to know what's going on between "Joe Blow" and "Suzie Cheesecake" on TV or down the street, ask a Leo man.  He'll know every dirty detail right down to tiniest bloody skidmark!  If there's something going on, e.g., a fight, a riot, a showdown, a hostage situation...these fools are right there in the middle of it filming or taking still shots.

25.     While paying little attention to detail on a personal level, they have a tendency to forget important YOUR birthday. This is especially true if he doesn't really love you.  Like most everything, it'll be half-assed. Do question missing articles of clothing, tools and such. This scatterbrain has a habit of leaving his **** at the homes of his concubines. LMAO. Take an inventory if you feel you must. Personally, I wouldn't bother.

26.     This man knows how to cook and clean.  Don't let him trick you!  Because he has YOU to do it for him, he doesn't feel he has the need to do it for himself.  This goes for anything you do for him.  But by the same token, if you don't do it for him, he'll simply find someone else who will.  

27.     They have tons of ideas and little projects going on that never seem to come together for them because they lack the self discipline to stay on task.  Supreme Procrastinators!  They put things off they'll probably never do today, tomorrow, next week, next get the picture.  I'm beginning to think they all suffer from ADHD and/or are bi-polar.   

28.     Addictive personalities. Food, drugs, *******, booze & tattoos. Whatever it may be, they indulge themselves to the extreme. Impulsive, rarely (if ever) taking into consideration how the consequences of their actions effect them, and/or everyone around them.  Generally obsessed with sex, addicted to p-o-r-n , down-low kink, and visit rosie palm on a daily basis.  In their book, there isn't a problem in the world that a good shagging can't alleviate, and as one I know likes to say, "There isn't anything a little penicillin can't cure".  If they're not doing you properly, you can best believe they're doing somebody else.    

29.     They constantly have to be reassured that they are loved (by you and everyone else in their vicinity) and often insert themselves into every aspect of your life. Inevitably, he will screw up with your family and he shall forever be disliked by them.

30.     They emulate their environment in a desperate effort to 'fit in'...sort of the way a chameleon changes color to blend into their surroundings.  Must be the center of attention at all times, so get out of the're casting a shadow on his stage. 

31.     Did I mention they're fn LAZY? Maintaining a Leo is a freaking CHORE! 

32.     Extremely flirtatious, even while you are standing next to him. They meticulously cultivate their de facto/cyber secret fan clubs (Men and Women) and go to great lengths dangling enchanting seductions, subsequently sending mixed messages to his admirers; Keeping them well within his emotional proximity. With his this being said, their desperately fragile little hearts will hang in HIS balance as they plead for clarification...just the way he likes it.       

33.     Uh, did you say something? Don't kidd yourself. They don't REALLY care about what you're talking about. They're thinking, "Shut up and take your clothes off already".  You could be telling him the most compelling story about something and he'll continue to surf the internet and text people until you shut up. Aww, how sweet. He called you "beautiful" Don't think for a moment you're special. He calls them all "beautiful" so as to avoid confusion with names. 

34.     Moving on. Everything you're talking about, at any given time, MUST be about him.  If you're on the phone and he's in the same room with you, you're obviously talking about him. He'll pester you until you get off the phone and probably interrogate you about who you were on the phone with and what you were talking about (with reference to him) 

35.     Even when they're having fun, they appear to be miserable, unless they're having sex.  Pretty good lovers...sometimes.  

36.     They're as flaky as pie crust.  Like cops, they never seem to be around when you need them most and when they are, they aren't much help to you  Their "maybes" mean NO, and "I'll see you in a few minutes" can potentially be worth a good hour or two. Doesn't matter how long you've been together, (weeks, months, years) he'll make you feel as though you have absolutely no right to ask him where he's been. Think hard.

37.     As a courtesy (oxymoron), they may ask you where you would like to go but you'll end up where ever they wanted to be initially, and that's not even certain because they kind of fly by the seat of their pants.  The only thing he can plan with certainty, is being late.  WTH, as far as he's concerned the party doesn't start until he arrives anyway.

38.     The only thing he'll know about you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is your biorhythm.  He'll have you clocked within hours, then conveniently skulk away once you start.  They're really good at skulking.  He doesn't put much effort into your relationship until you decide you've had enough and begin to walk. Then, it's balls to the walls with text messages, phone calls and pleas for forgiveness. On other occasions, as a last resort, You may expect to receive flowers, gifts and marriage proposals. If he dumps you, then it's **** You.

39.     Cold, heartless bastards who'll ride your coat tails until they're caught with their pants down. Then they become shameless ******* with no remorse. They don't try too hard to impress you after that because they're pretty sure that you've taken as much **** as any of he other ******* have in the past, so why try. In the end, you will have meant absolutely nothing to him as he shuffles on to his next project that he was already prepping while with you. Yea, you'll see his sorry *** in a few days driving down the street with another chick in the passenger side and either pity her (not likely) or sigh in relief!

40.     Needy, spoiled, moooooody, self-absorbed, egotistical whiners. Stroke often and repeat!  Their pride is at stake...Got me?  It's all about them.  They may not be your Mr. Right, but they can certainly be your Mr. Right Now.  Instant gratification preferred.  

41.     They are easily bored with repetition/normalcy, which to them, symbolizes a form of imprisonment or stagnancy.  They have a difficult time following instructions, maintaining focus and staying the course.  Easily distracted by anything "shiny" and "fascinating" **chasing the light on the wall** Must constantly be entertained, amused and stimulated on every possible level. The band comes first baby!

42.     They lie about the dumbest **** sometimes.  You try your best to sift the truth out of the crap he just told you because buried deep within the catacombs, lies a half-truth.  When they aren't purposefully and poorly lying, they're mindlessly omitting critical pieces of information that make their bizarre stories completely logical. A few of the ONLY times you can be guaranteed the truth from a Leo man, is when they're drunk (obnoxious ******* drunks), talking in their sleep or sloppily leaving their cell phones unlocked amidst a drunken stupor :)

43.     Expounding on #42, don't try to call him out on his lie because he will surely convince even himself, that what he just told you was the absolute truth. To further insult your intelligence, he will GASLIGHT you into believing that you are bat **** crazy for even entertaining such a concept and whine about how you have such little "TRUST" in him **creeps off to the bathroom with cell phone** Ask him a direct question and he'll undoubtedly play stupid [Huh...what?], quickly change the subject or completely ignore you.  Kings of avoidance. It's never a good time to talk about anything remotely important because, well to be completely honest, you really aren't that important sweety. "I can't do this right now", "I don't want to talk about it", "This is too much for me". A stalling tactic. He's hoping this will buy him enough time for you to either forget about it, or for him to come up with something believable.

44.     You may receive a sporadic text message or random call whenever it's convenient for him, but GAWD FORBID you don't answer his calls or texts when he's trying to get in contact with you; He'll lose his ******* mind!  He may even insist on sniffing you and/or your panties to make sure you haven't been with another  This is because, since he's out ******* everything under the sun, you must be doing it too. Easily butt hurt (hyper-sensitive) when you aren't at his beck and call 24/7.  He'll need to know where you are and what you're doing at all times so he can 'conspire' around your schedule.  When you don't hear from him for a while, he's acting out his scheme.

45.     Suspicious much?  You change one little thing about your normal routine e.g., your parking spot, the placement of your furniture, spice rack arrangement, and he'll flip the **** out!  He'll formulate an elaborate scenario in his mind as to why things are the way they appear at that particular moment, and accuse you of being a liar when he confronts you about it and you tell him the truth.  Explaining yourself before he has a chance to bring it up only intensifies his suspicions so believe me, don't bother. Yes, he will rummage through all your **** when you aren't looking!    

46.     Their emotions for you tend to run hot or cold...there is no lukewarm for these guys.  One minute they can make you feel like the most beautiful goddess that ever graced the earth and the next, a worthless piece of ****. They tend to suffer from regular bouts of mysterious "confusion" which will call him away from you in every form imaginable. You'll find no reassurance here, if that is what you desire.

47.     Secretly, they are all insecure to some degree...Body dismorphic issues, alopecia, proportions, low self-esteem and take great comfort and joy in pointing out all of YOUR flaws to make them feel better about their inadequacies as a man.  Their pride feeds on your shame, and their followers fuel their egos.  His jabs against you will most likely be conveyed in jest, but you know what they say about there being a lot of truth in jest. When he begins to really hit you hard with criticism, he's gearing up for the big break. This, to ensure that he feels justified in leaving you high and dry. Saving his face is more important than you falling with grace.

48.     If your Leo man tells you that he loves you within the first week or two of dating, dump him immediately!  No conventional self-serving Leo will lay his dignity out on the line in such a short amount of time to tell YOU that he loves you.  He's looking for his next bimbo, rebound, meal ticket, past time or FOOL.

49.     They aren't prone to commital.  Your chances of dying in a plane crash are far greater than getting a proposal out of this guy.  One second they're bending over backwards to be at your side and next thing you know, they're running from you.  I swear, they get the seven (7) year itch about every three months and you're left in the dark wondering what the hell is going on in their zippy little heads.  Wake up honey. It'll come to you.

50.     No matter how much you give of your heart, mind, body and soul, forever present will be an element of darkness shrouded by an impenetrable emotional barrier.  

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This was so on point; I've been involved with a Leo man who is now my husband for 6 years....they are from the pit of hell...fallen mother tried to warn me but I did not listen because initially they can be very convincing and charming....after time they will reveal themselves and you will see their true characters unfold...they are soul less... god less and about self....I stay because of my belief in the bible and what it says about divorce....please be warned women!!!! All LEO MEN only care about is sex/ being seen and will be used like a prostitute....they dont care about your opinions...thoughts....or feelings....if you are involved with one just flee while you can....please escape...I have asked my husband many times....are you trying to kill me??? He is so full of self...that he doesn't realize the impact of his ignorance on me....

Soooo ******* true!!!!

Wow! sounds like they're describing a leo man.

I agree with everything that you just said but there are lot of things I would like to add.

another great blog that's right on the money

I so love this. So so so so love this.

Welp. My leo guy seems to actually be a **** after all it was always there i always knew.. Not all of them fit my leo dude but the ones that did were enough. Being a scorpio you tend to pick up pretty quickly the undercurrents of people and just know **** about them. It sucks because he is very alluring and mysterious which i loveee. I love to compete.. So im almost up for the challenge. You wanna play ******? Lets gooo.

Just more proof that these men Suck!

im a leo and id like to say id never cheat, only reason we think we are the best is because we are the best, best at everything we try, and when it comes to love youll never find a more loyal lover, leos will give you everything and spend as much time as they can on figuring out what they can do to make their lover happy,

Yea, we dated the same male. Little boys who never grow up. They'll conform, temporarily. Let me tell you, my son's father is ALLLLL of that. And he used ALLLL of that to steal my son from me. I'm a Pisces. (HORRIBLE combo). He manipulated my kind, hopeful spirit and masterminded taking my son from me. The courts don't look for narcissism and don't too much care. It's sad. But I believe deep down every Leo is narcissistic. From males to females.

Brief: met in 2007, he suggested us BOTH joining the military in 2008, I joined he didn't. I moved him to my AIT training city and he did NOTHING. I encouraged him to establish the computer consulting company he swore he was going to build. Never did. Pregnant. Begged him to get a job so we could support the baby. Hahahahaha. Suggested moving back home. One month before end of lease, he says let's go home. (Now that it's just welfare, unemployment was exhausted. Uh oh.. I might not be so useful soon) So, pack up the apartment and come home. Move in with his sister, baby is born. He, the baby and I cramped in a room, paying her rent and not even having a damn key to get in the house. Will you go look for a job so we can move? He sits in the garage smoking weed and watching tv until he decides he wants to come inside and take over whatever I was doing with the baby. He very soon starts finding reasons to tell me to go. My sister comes by to take me and baby out. He's in the room. I'm telling my sis that he eats all the strawberries and whip cream EVERY month. A sister convo like saying "girl he don't never put the toilet seat down". Comes out of room and goes off telling me to pack my **** and get out. His blow ups were never too big....gotta keep up the good guy front. Baby and I move out, come back 2 months later. All the while number 39 was going on. We moved out of sisters, he went to look for apartment with homemade check stubs and employment verification from a lady he spoke to out of convenience, keep her around til he needed her. I stayed home packed the room. He doesn't put my name on the lease. Matter of fact tells the landlord I'm away getting help for a drug problem! Woooow. Fast forward: another baby by the other girl he was prepping during #39. She was pregnant before I even moved out. I go to a rehab because I had little responsible family and I knew going there would get me a roof over my head. Bad idea. Anyway, I tried to go back and get custody of my son and he pulled out everything he could on me. All while he stayed on welfare and I worked. 4.5 years later, I now live 1400 miles away because even after the SECOND break up he was still a Leo. I did it for my son praying that God will deliver my son from this man who now trying to live his life vicariously through MY son. I directly asked God for that little boy. He didn't even want a baby until someone told him the benefits he could reap if he had custody of a child. SMH! May the Kingdom of God fall upon his head.

So true, my Leo BFF is ALL of this. Thanks so much for this post!

Capricorn here...Just went through what felt like a soap opera with a Leo man. I had to expose him and to this day he says I am the cause of his "downfall"...was dealing with 2 other women at the same time as me.... Admits to lying but I am still the one at fault here. He has lied from the very beginning of our relationship, hell, even looked me straight in the eye and made me feel like what I was telling him I was feeling was just plain crazy. We had a "perfect" relationship for the first 6 months and then I found out he was living with someone other than his female nieces..... (Believable story)....Lies all freakin lies. I still care about him, all of that will have to be from a distance. Constant Pity parties , not taking responsibility for his actions (even when he tries, still points the finger) learned a huge lesson. Smh.

When I read this post I felt like all of questions has been answered. You told the truth on every answer you put down. They are really mama's boys and the laziest ppl I ever seen in my life. We have been together two years and a half and it seemed like I convinced him to engage to me and it should be the other way around. Thank you for sharing this because I think I want to stay to my self and never date another leo man again

Im not sure about the relationship aspect of the Leo, as I don't think I have dated one, bit my brother AND my step son are both Leos. I try so hard to be compassionate and love them, but they are NOT nice people. All they care about is themselves. They throw pity parties about EVERYTHING as if the entire world revolves around, yet is against, them.
My step son, I've been with his dad for 4 years. When I first met his youngest son (the Leo) he was so kind and sweet and I thought Awww thank goodness I don't have a difficult child to live with, but as soon as he became comfortable with me.... Oh god. Lazy, manipulative, mean, cruel are just a few words to sum up this poor excuse for a human. If you knew me, you would know I would NEVER feel the desire or need to say this about anyone, let alone a child..... But this kid is the devil reincarnated.
Everyone else is only there to serve him. Nothing is ever good enough for him. Spend $500 on him for his birthday?
"My brother got this and that blah blah blah" and he spends the while day crying and pissed off because it didn't live up to his impossible standards.
Everyone else helping make dinner, and knows they are expected to help clean up after themselves ?
He'll spend 3 hours sitting on the floor crying LOUDLY trying to make everyone else feel bad for him after they are long done their chores and gone off having fun.
This is the kid that refused to wipe his butt and walked around with crap in his pants every day until his dad had to start going to the bathroom with him and forced him to. This kid is going to have a ****** life, full of self pity and misery. His tombstone will read " how could this happen to me? "
We fight every weekend because of this little **** (excuse the language and hostility. I've tried everything to be kind and compassionate and help this kid out with his feelings. He wants none of it) to the point where I'm about to have my second child with father, but we're talking about splitting up because there is nothing I haven't tried or can do to get along with this kid.

And yes. It was exactly the same story living with my brother. I'm just glad I was 9 when he was born so I never had to spend my entire childhood and teenage years around that kid. Watching him sit on his *** and boss my poor mom around.

I hate Leo's because they are all the same. I feel it's not just a Scorpio woman who said all this, but I'm sure most people can agree. This information hits the jackpot. If you date a Leo man, you find out very quickly just how lousy they are in the love department. It's been there and done that for me. I have a brother who is a Leo and he's a nightmare! Just wished he'd join the army, so he'd value his family a lot more, instead of ruining his life selling drugs!

Thank you for this. I recently nearly got involved with Leo man but something just never seemed quite right. He gave me mixed messages, got drunk every time I saw him, talked about how awful his ex was, continually complained about everything when he was drunk and just laughed or belittled my comments. His looks, charm, talent and bubblyness kept me dangling there. Also my insecurities. Nothing really materialised and I kind of knew that was the right thing. Reading your thing has really struck a chord with me. I felt that most of what you said there was how he was but couldn't trust my instinct because the veneer was so 'lovable'. Thanks for this, it has helped a lot :)

Smart lady! run for the hills!!! with my leo ex i always felt like something was off/not quite right. (read him)All 50 of these statements are TRUE!!! When we first started dating I found this site and could only agree to a small part of it but nothing too time went on I would re-read this and would discover he was like alot more of this list and by the end he was ALL if this!!!!! He is 51 and never flag!!! he wass 49 when we met. VERY good-looking, charming..Selfish, temper tantrums, bait and swith..blah blah...what a liar he turned out to be! I feel so strongly about this list not only about my ex but guys friends of mine that are also leos...all the f'ing same. I would never set any of these guys up with my friends but perhaps my worst enemy ;)

the funny thing is, is that what made me re-read this tonight was that I was just texting my leo friend who i've know for 15+ yrs..and he just got married not even 2 yrs ago and was being totally inappropriate in his I expect this from him because i know him but he is now married and he told me his wife has been having trust issues with him recently and and not sure why because he was being good!!! well u better be! ur married now! I thought to myself..I kinda feel bad for her because he acts likes he's a great catch with his **** together (but he's not!!!) it's all about him!!! Very charming but once u scratch past the veneer you'll see otherwise.

UPDATE!!! so i was visiting my folks who live in another state and lives in the same city as my friend that i am talking about above..well I have a fake Tinder account for those of u who dont know what that is, it's for dating/hooking up and it will show u people within a 100 mile radius of where u are located.... well I was flipping through the pics to see if anyone i knew was on there and guess who's on there???yep! u got it! my married friend the who says he's not sure why his wife has been having jealousy/trust issues with him.BTW he wife is stunning. I am so disappointed in him..he has no idea that i know he is on this sketchy site. What a POS! HE is a true LEO in every way.

I believe she's right about many things when it comes to a Leo man they are notorious liars but I don't believe that they are all Cheaters and High maintenance. My Leo comes from a great family and I know he wouldn't cheat. Period! He is delusional sometimes and thinks he walks on water but it take a strong mind in order to have a mind ******* battle with a Leo, if you are weak he will eat you alive but if you are strong you can tame a Leo. My Leo is a great partner and will be a great father (we are expecting ). I am happy with my man but I will say it can be freaking exhausting having to maintain a Leo.
I do agree with a lot she says though. They think they are God's of the zodiac, they feel as of they have it all but don't realize they are they're own most biggest flaws.

Good luck!!!

This is very worrying. I'm a Leo guy and for most of my life I've avoided serious relationships like the plague, mostly because I've always had the strong belief in fixing/being yourself before sharing who you are with another person.I recently, and rather quite quickly, got involved with a wonderful woman who means the world to me, I knew what I was getting into and can honestly say that I felt I had reached the point in which I felt I was pretty good guy. Now after reading this list I realize I'm not that special at all, with respect to aspects essential for sustaining relationships. I'm just a regular guy.I don't know what happened. I had a system for myself in which any part of myself that caused myself, or others, unnecessary pain would have to go but I just can't seem to do this at the rate I used to.Don't get me wrong, I feel that most of the things on this list are gross generalizations and simply d don't apply to me but then there are those things that if I take a brutal look at myself, do. And I just don't ******* get it.I want to say that pretty much since I've met her I've been under a constant state of stress and panic which makes it difficult for me to step outside myself and assess my shortcomings; only I've been in tough situations before and have thrived. Now the only things I do for self betterment are relentlessly pursuing promotions and pay raises, but I know myself and those kinds of things I couldn't care less about. I want to be using my mind again, thinking about ways to help people, being inspired by music and other people but I can't ******* do it because it feels that part of my brain has shut down.I'm bitching in this section because I know this is a Leo trait and I feel situations like these are the root cause for many, if not all, the shortcomings you listed.I'm not depressed and I don't think I'm the wrong man for my woman I just feel that I'm not doing all I can, not being the person I have the potential to becoming and if I let that realization eat me up I will become the most horrid and evil person the world has ever seen.I am also blessed with extreme bouts of good luck as well as equally bad. I'm not even joking. The fact that I even got the woman in with now as soon as I did is testament to my good luck. I'm rambling now and there was a main idea that was going to tie all this together but I forgot it.Anyway, the most revolting people are usually those who have the most problems. Leos don't have a monopoly on problems, they just manifest them differently. Not all Leos are like this and not only Leos are like this.

You poor thing!! None of us are 'perfect' but you cannot put your life on hold just because you haven't reached that perfect state of being. Live a little, or life is going to pass you by. Do you want to be 70 yrs old and never had a meaningful relationship with anyone because you are so afraid of comittments? Payraises and promotions are a mere ought to look deeper.

Wow, all I hear from you is me, me, me in your comment. How melodramatic! Maybe you've had too much manipulation on other women that now when other women don't buy your **** you have to make others feel sorry for you? Pay back is a ***** and you're starring in it!

I found my answer tonight, been in a relationship with a leo for two bhai years and Im a scorpio....I can finally get some rest, you said it best!!!!!

I could have written that myself only mine would have included horrible oglers who objectify women.

Omg! Totally! Mine couldn't stop staring at other women's butts right in front of me. What a jerk!!

Oh i so agree with u here...i'm dating this leo man..n we recently moved in together...n it has been hell!!!!
It was all fine in the beginning ,even amazing if i may say so. BUT NOW!! Now his true colours show.
He will never listen to my side of the argument, he will never do his share of chores, he will make stupid excuses to no do ''my hands will get dirty''. He soils all the dishes in the kitchen n not be bothered to clean them, he won't spend a penny on food n binge on what i get from the stores..he lives for himself n no one else...its as if i dont exist for him..but if he's horny then i have to be present, even if i dont want to. n every time i will raise an issue..he will twist it to make it my mistake n incapacity. i hate leo men.
And check out his audacity.. he has well clarified that he is not interested in marrying me...that his mother wont approve of it..n when i say that lets not carry it on then, then he accuses me of mentally tormenting him..and says that if all is going on well then why breakup.. ''ALL IS WELL!!'' He's got to be kidding, right. What the hell is wrong with this person.
And the worst part...i dont know what to do to break up with him. FML.

Tell him to **** off. That will get his attention. Few years from now you will look back on it and pat yourself on the back. They will abuse you only if you let them.

I can only speak from my experience with Leo men and this post speaks the absolute truth.

Me, Me, Me, that's Leo man's motto. He was also petty as hell, pouting because he felt I left more food on the stove for my daughter than what he got (which wasn't even the case). Seriously, who gets jealous over a child and some food?

Even when he tried to be a generous person, he always reverted to his selfish ways. Being truly giving just doesn't come naturally for him.

He was always accusing me of cheating on him. Turns out, HE was the one that couldn't be trusted (caught him in a baldfaced lie).

I agree that Leo men are dashing, but the sex, while it can be good at first, quickly becomes a one-man show. For this reason, contrary to popular opinion, I don't rate Leo as highly in the bedroom as I do Scorpio and Gemini. My Leo was too caught up in himself and it spilled over into the bedroom.

So relieved he's out of my life now. He was emotionally and physically exhausting.

Wow that was extremely informative helpful ...I have done this natal chart on this dude and he has leo in his raising, mars, sun, Venus, and Capricorn Moon I have spent 8 months on line talking to him and this has certainly helped me see the red flags. .thank you

Ha ha LOOOOL, brilliant :-D

I'm not too late to the party am I? Hi, I am a Leo man. Please ladies calm down. No need to show your claws. I am only passing through.

Saw this blog and am amaze at the response. I am ashamed to be a Leo. I am sorry for what my sign put you through. For the most part you are right.

We are extroverted and warm, dedicated and dreamers. We spend more time in the clouds than on Earth. We do promise the moon only if we become inspire. We are humble when appreciated and lost when we lose your attention. We are loyal ‘til death unless betrayed. We never demand appraisals but believe asking should not be require.

We live for appreciation. We are full of love. Our ego bruises easily, so why taunt us? You know you can hurt us. We are emotional. We are spiritual. We like to believe in true love. We believe that there is a happily ever after. We want our relationships to be perfect. No arguments. No differences.

We believe in our view of perfect harmony. We are clean in contrast to this blog. Cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing and guarding is the trade mark of a good Leo. We are the perfect gentleman when are raised in a proper environment. We are good dressers.

Excuse my forwardness I am throwing dating advice now… Never date a man whose fashion sense involves a t-shirt and jeans. Ah… Please don’t twist my words. Every man has to have a t-shirt and jeans outfit. Otherwise we would be naked while doing our laundry.

Never date a man whose vocabulary originates from a music video or from sappy love songs. If the man has more than two credit cards chances are he has less than a thousand dollars in his accounts.

Don’t expect Mr. Perfect Leo to come from a bar. We go to bars for one thing. We practice sex constantly. So expect to have lots of it when you are in a relation with a Leo.

Don’t use headaches as a pretext. We will believe you have lost interest and move on. Be honest with us. Tell the truth. Lying only extenuates our reason to leave. Truth begets truth.

I am 29 years old. I have travelled the world and had many relationships. Some of my exes want me dead others have moved on. Some I still rarely wonder ‘what if?’ and I don’t keep in touch with the rest.

I am not perfect and it bugs me. God put me in this world for one reason; to be a perfect man. And this is probably my ego talking (we have big egos), but I want to be a perfect man. My wife laughed when I told her.

Oh yes, I am married, a three year old boy (so cute), house, mortgage, salary, but no dog. I like the stares my wife gets when women see us walking down town. And why shouldn't she get those stares I work hard for my body.

I love how other men stare at my wife. She has this energy and looks stunning in dresses. She always compliments me when other women become envious. My wife and I have amazing energy together. We show it at every party.

I am close with my female friends and outgoing with my male ones. My friends range in signs; Leos, Aquarius, Scorpions, and Arieses. My wife is an Aquarius. We belong together. So again, I am sorry you haven’t met your perfect Leo. We are out there. Keep searching. Or maybe I am just a broken Leo.

Roque5 while I can respect what you're seem to be one of the more evolved or "mature" leos (and I'm not referring to age). I've unfortunately have yet to meet one, every leo I've met/ dated/ befriended etc were all characteristic of everything written in this post. Even my aquarian ex (with venus and moon in leo) had all these traits but less pronounced. I know I'm not without my own flaws and perhaps being a sagittarius gal myself maybe there was too much fire to begin with but I know I will never, EVER date another leo man again. They're lying, egotistical self-righteous a*holes. I pity them..........they look so lost and foolish. So very foolish.

Glad you're happy with your aqua girl. Long May that last. I'm an aqua girl and I've been in love with a Leo man for 16 years. But he cheated on me, lied to me and used me is many times. I have to move on because he's not in love with me like I am with him. It just makes me sad. But it is what it is. Thanks for sharing your story. I enjoyed reading it. But for me, even though I am loyal to my Leo, this blog is right down to a tee. I wonder why you're so different

Wow it's so true i just dumped my leo yesterday but he's so into ones he hasn't realized it yet. He told me he loved me on our second date as he pretended to be upset because he made me waite in the car for him to long...haha crazy. At best we will end up as friends with no benefits. He'll call me for advise while he dogs out another women. I'm almost certain and ill just laugh and smh. It's was only a month for us but it was a long month.

Get over yourself. LOL

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Jennifurby, are you sure we've haven't date the same guy? lol...I mean--seriously. It seems to me like you are talking about my most recent ex. OMG. You have pinned him down to the core. Wow. Thanks for sharing. I thought I was the one crazy. I have never seen anyone so mentally disorganized in my life. He drank like a fish, criticized me like he was some kind of god, took as much as he could from me---including the petty stuff like left over food in the fridge. Wow, girl, you described my ex.

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OMG! I read this and for a minute thought I must've written this in my sleep and posted it. All of the above is so true. I was a victim of a Leo man for 16+ off/on years. Yes off/on. Like you said, no lukewarm with him. We have children so that is why I tried to hold on to this lonely relationship. I was in this relationship alone. He would run out on me and our kids and go home to live with his mother at a drop of a dime. He'd leave a job on a lunch break and never go back to work. He's had 26 jobs in 11 years. No commitment to anything. Not me, our kids, a job, nada. I have never felt so alone except whenever he was around. I would try to express to him my concerns and worries and before I knew it I was being shushed and the topic would now be him. What his plans were. How he was going to do this or that. I would express to him that with our budget we'd need to wait and of course his money was his money and my money was his money. A Leo man will keep you broke. He'd dang near have you homeless. When things get that severe he'd abandon you for safety at his mama's house. Then when you financially recover after working your behind off, he'd sweet talk you and weasel his way back into your life - only to suck more marrow from your bones. They are leeches. They are infectious men. They are like a cancer on your body. No matter how much chemo they will try their darnedest to overtake all of you. I am mentally spent. I have had to undergo psychotherapy while/after dealing with the Leo man. I really appreciate this post. What I find hilarious is that when I broke it off with him he's the one who emailed me your 50 things that you hate about your Leo man. He read it and responded that obviously this is his nature due to his sign and he plans to make changes in himself. Ha! Right! We know that is just another line for self pity and excuse for his behavior. Again thanks for your posting. . .

He send you the post playing head games with me he know "Himself". Thank "God" or your "Higher Power" for releasing you from that "Narcissistic" man. You better "Run" like hell, he will destroy you and your children....he only care about himself.

"OMG! I read this and for a minute thought I must've written this in my sleep and posted it. All of the above is so true."
Yes! Me too.
"I would try to express to him my concerns and worries and before I knew it I was being shushed and the topic would now be him."
Ohmg yes. He ALWAYS does that. I started wondering if maybe that was my fault, and started doubting myself ( which I never do... ).

Oh, what's wrong with those human felines?

Thank you for this post!!! I'm a scorpion woman and had two encounters with Leo males & all the above were true. It was a lifesaver last night when I came across this - about to break down by his hot & cold nature.. Reading this I told him to f*** off!
Thank you!!!!!!! :) xxx