The Worst Kind Of Liar...

is the kind that just lied to you for the first time.

My FB just asked me (this weekend) to mess with him, and usually we make it work but this time he told me that he wanted to get it in one good time before he started dating this girl. I have a moral problem with that. You want to be with her, be with her... if not tell her.

So today, He asked me to meet up with him and give him head. Ok, usually-- I would. But, I told him to ask his girl. And he told me... I told her to eff off yesterday....

Yea, you just lied.

We're done.

Welcome to the blacklist.
SmugOrphan SmugOrphan
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4 Responses Feb 26, 2012

i think i follow your analysis.

so ...again I hope I am not being out of line did you meet each of these FB men ?

I went to college with one of them and the other was just a friend of a friend.

was this man...the one in your story....your first FB ?

second. They usually span over a few years-- Generally it lasts as long as we're both single, at least for me. We are exclusive to each other during the span. Its a purely physical need thing... I dont know if that makes sense. Ive heard of people who this goes on while they are in relationships and married and etc. But, as long as I'm single and he is also then I can do it.

so a FB is someone who provides a sexual experience.......not unlike a tennis game, or say a weekend away skiing.....and its ....I am asking here...not judging......with no commitment ?

forgive me if my words are awkward.

You're fine and correct.

may I ask....what is a FB ?

**** Buddy.