So Are You Completely Full Of Crap Or Partly???

Heyy wassup EP universe,,Kay here with another one of my random rant stories. Okay so we all are guilty of telling lies right? If you say no then exit this story and slap your yourself across both cheeks lmao. Anyway there are people in this world who just lie and BS their way into oblivion. You want to chill with em, be cool, and trust em but at some point you realized 99.919 of everything they say is BS. I had a friend who is now my worst hated enemy. Back when we were cool he had a girlfriend who was supposedly a millionaire but she was waiting to get her "money". So me, being a good friend or a gullible idiot, would drive them to places like a taxi. The store, sure, the bank, no problem, MacDonalds, cool. Then he calls me and says,"hey bro, my girl is gettin her money tonight you wanna come over so i can pay ya back?" Well im thinking sure so i go over there ma gas tank on E and we wait. It was 8p when i got there. Next thing i knew 6hrs passed and i left like i came...broke. Apparently the guy who was bringing the money got pulled over and arrested...lmao can you believe that load of crap? There were many other instances until he crossed the line and i found out he was sleeping with my girl and while i was working. Its funny how people portray themselves to be some theyre not...whether fake friends, two faced family, or unfaithful lovers. I cant stand them. I have a girlfriend who i love with all my heart. I want her to know even though im across the country from her, i am who i say i am. That she can trust me unconditionally. All my friends know that they can call on me for anything. Ive never gone back on my word and though when i was younger i was a two faced snitch, i learned that loose lips can sink ships..or possibly get you an *** beating. To all the fakes, phonies, and can lie, scam, or manipulate til your blue in the face but in the end youre just guna wind up looking in the mirror BSin yourself. Thx for reading.
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Sep 7, 2012