Well well...what do we have here? A confession of lies told? Yup. This whole time that I was worring, wondering and freakin' out over what I had hoped to be  nothing...was something. Nothing huge but non the less a lie(s).

First off my hubby and I are quitting smoking together. Well after a few weeks for my husband being smoke free and after a little less then a week for me, I find out that he hasn't really been smoke free!!!! He even had a pack half gone in the car that he just told me about! After all the nights I was freakin out and going through withdrawls and he couldn't fork over one? Let alone even tell me HE was still smoking!!?!?!?! URGH!  I would have been ok not smoking, even with the freak outs, if he had not been smoking...a big part of why I chose NOW to quit was because he was! I was even bragging about how he actually quit and how proud of him I was to others AND HIM! Made me feel like a fool.

The  BAD BAD lie he told wasn't so much what he said as what he didn't. There is this person that we had major issues with a while back and because of the situation he was not to talk to this person. Well being in a show with them I was afraid that he would talk and more with I find out, mind you without telling him my fears until after the show was over, that he HAD talked to the person!!! SEVERAL nights! WTF!?! He never once told me he was speaking to this person...which on some levels telling me would have been better then not saying a word about it or lying about it. With the issues we had with this person, with all the **** we went through I would think that he would have had the decent nature to at least tell me that they had been matter how brief. Just really agrivates me that he can just do that.  He ended up telling me because it slipped out while he was talking about someone else that was there, at that point I asked questions and ended up confessing that I had been having a hard time dealing with the past few months thanks to the presence of the person. And from what I found out it is no wonder that my mother in law (who also disaproves of interaction with the person and down right dislikes her as I do) was unaware that there had been any interaction between them! She was my eyes when I could not be there, but I guess that she could not be matter I should have still been told by my husband who claims similar feelings about this person as I have!

SO nice to know that he cares that lie to my face! URGH!

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I am so sorry about the way he has treated you. A relationship without trust is all the harder to keep together. As for the smoking thing, I hope that you didn't pick them back up because of him. I personally, would give anything to quit. Well, keep a smile on your face and a song in you heart and the day will be much brighter. ((((hugs))))