Cant Stand People Who Chew Loud

dam i really cant stand people who talk wit they mouth full and chew loud as hell gets me mad i dont know why but i guess its just the way its sounds..
gettin mad just thinkin bout it haha
sayrob sayrob
26-30, M
4 Responses Aug 13, 2010

Oh my word me toooo!!!! i have a colleague who chews with his mouth wide open and makes a heck of a noise when eating.. Everyday my other colleauges and I have to fight about who will go to lunch when he gets back just to avoid hearing that terrible sound. Even when he drinks water he makes a noise - it actually makes me wanna throw up when i hear it.. then he still gurgles the food in his mouth - everything he eats makes a noise - its soooo annoying

yea i feel yall im always the one to tell someone to chew wit there mouth close. both my parents do but they my parent i aint gonna say nothin to them but tho other people i will.. i cant just let it slide cuz they spit out food when they talk too, NASTY!!!!!

I got really annoyed when I saw this group. I HATE loud chewers and find it really disgusting when I hear the cacaphonics of their eating habits. Ugh!! :P

I can relate. Some people are just really loud eaters. And talking with a full mouth? Ugh! I have on rare occasions found an excuse to .... excuse myself, while they eat. Very rare. It's not a huge peeve, but if I am already feeling on the edge of my nerves, WHOA, loud eating is not something for me to be around.