A Coworker Drinking Game

I'm assuming my office wouldn't be too cheery with the idea of me bringing booze in (maybe when I quit I'll do that on my last day), but I'm working on an office drinking game that is based on the annoying, grating, and occasionally outlandish proclivities of my coworkers.  Here's what I have so far:

On my last project, I had a supervisor who was guaranteed to use the phrase "at the end of the day" at least three or four times per day.  From across the office, I'd hear something like, "Guys, at the end of the day, here's what it comes down to."  Take one drink when you hear this.  Note: you may also optionally take another drink when you hear him say "it is what it is".

On that same project, I worked with another guy who always wore those Bose noise canceling headphones, so he wasn't aware of all the noises he was making: burping, sighing loudly, and just spontaneously dropping a load of F-bombs that were audible throughout the entire office.  Half a drink for a burp, one drink for a sigh, and two for an F-bomb.  Note: I probably could've assigned a drink value to the supervisor I described above for the profanities I've heard come from him, but between that and the "at the end of the day" thing, you'd be falling down drunk before noon.  Yeah, as you probably noticed, there's a lot of cussin' going on at my office.

One of the senior vice presidents has a mildly annoying habit of not acknowledging your presence when you hold a door for him.  Now, I'm not a demanding guy, but just a small "thanks" would be nice.  Heck, a traditional guy head-nod would be fine.  But he'll just walk straight through the door without a glance.  Meh, not a big deal, one of those "whatever" kind of incidents, but still worthy of something in this game, let's say half a drink.

One of the program managers, who I seriously think needs to be taken away for psychiatric evaluation, will occasionally come storming through the office, inevitably calling a bunch of people "stupid".  Crimony, thank God I don't work with her.  This is worth at least one drink, though.  Let's say a second optional drink if she's in a particularly saucy mood.

Yes, these are the kinds of things I think about during the course of my day, primarily to retain some of my sanity.

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3 Responses May 21, 2010

My boss daily comments about her dog's bowel habits - you know if they had a bowel movement: So in your game it would be <br />
1/2 drink for when <br />
1/2 drink for where<br />
1 drink for what size <br />
1 drink for consistency<br />
and <br />
2 drinks for a picture on her iphone <br />
<br />
I'd be drunk before 9 and probably have a GREAT day at work.

Wow...sounds like your boss probably gets into a lot of open-mouth-insert-foot moments! Here's to laughing at the interoffice weirdness - a virtual beer comin' at ya, it's on me! ;-)

Quite an interesting idea. But I'm afraid you'll end up drunk and broke ;)<br />
<br />
The client I'm working with likes to swear a lot and my boss has a nasty habit of making the most embarrassing comments at the most awkward times in a voice loud enough so that the whole office can hear. It was a shock for me in the beginning but now I just laugh. It's more funny than anything else. <br />
<br />
In any case I sympathize with your situation. But if ever you have any problems, you can come here and we can laugh it away. Pass you the virtual beer ;)