Venting About My Lazy Coworker

I am not perfect and don't work every second of the day but my coworker is driving me nuts! She doesn't do her share of work and plays on the internet all day. She goes shopping, hangs out on Facebook and then acts like she does everything. Her constant phone vibe from her receiving text messages makes me want to scream. I can't say anything because I will look like the bad guy and she is a favorite of the boss because she sucks up. Grrr!l
Meowderkatze Meowderkatze
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7 Responses Jun 1, 2011

I am quite strict at work and I will not tolerate laziness. I probley be quite harsh on her. I made 2 lazy workers leave before because I will not tolerate them. At work I don't mess.

I know exactly how you feel. I fight the rage against this daily!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I have got the same issue in my place of work. Give them enough rope and they will eventually hang themselves.

I can't stand this type of thing - Reminds me of when I worked for NZ Post!

But it means others have to work even harder! My last memory of work was pushing a tea trolly with one hand and pulling a tea trolley with the other while my co worker sat at the computor

I can relate to this for sure .. I work with people if not on the computor are checking their mobiles and responding to messages, I dont think they should be allowed to have them at work.

This is just too familiar! It sounds like my work place.