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I was so excited at first when I got the job. I thought "oh my God, I'm going to do my best, and work hard" I was so thankful that I was no longer jobless and feeling inadequate since my friends had found great jobs within their fields. Not this job, this job has nothing to do with my field, but I didn't care, I accepted it, and was thankful...until...

1-I worked with two Supervisors both are scientists and conduct research in their labs. They both were new at the company I was hired to work in, and expected me to know all the protocols, procedures of the company. I went through trainings, worked hard, got acquainted with people, I was eager to show that I was more than thankful, but also that i WAS DETERMINED TO DO THE BEST JOB I COULD DO.

2-One of my supervisors (Mari) threw business cards on my desk "here put them on the database" I was shocked, I did as she said.

3- Being new means having to ask questions, so whenever I went to her lab to ask her a question her response was "what are you doing in here? don't ask me, find the answer somewhere else" but i needed her input to process important legal paperwork.

4- One day I brought lillies to my office space, they bloomed over the weekend. On Monday as I was fixing the printer, Mari came in and said "if you wanted to kill me all you have to do is leave lillies, I'm highly allergic to them". I was in shock, I didn't know what to say.

5- One of Mari's postdocs also caught up with her and began to harass me, he once sent me an email stating that I wasn't doing my job "that's what you are here for"

6- The negativity I was experiencing from one supervisor spilled over to my second supervisor. Things started to look very unpretty. I now was the person to blame for anything, if the purchasing department doesn't do its job or takes its time in processing orders, ITS MY FAULT!

7- Mari gave me her biosketch (a form of resume but in the scientific field it includes their publications) in my mind I was puzzled as to how was I supposed to edit her resume. I did what I could and the best I could, mind you English is NOT my first language...what did she do? She threw the papers on my desk and stated "a good editor spends more time editing" At that point I had it, I confronted her, i TOLD HER THAT I WAS GOING TO LEAVE. She stated that "with that kind of attitude you will go nowhere". I was furious. I stayed.
The next day I woke up with a terrible pain, I thought it was caused by stress an anxiety. It wasn't here its when the nightmare began and my cancer antigens went off the roof. I had to fight to keep my job so that I could go through surgery.

8- I stayed with the second supervisor, but as mentioned the negativity had already spilled. In the months between march-June I was visiting doctors from oncology, gynecology, and generalists to determine what was wrong. On March 31st I got my surgery done, it was due to an endometrioma that had disintegrated thus causing the high levels of CA-125, i was also found with ovarian cysts, and endometirosis. I stayed in the job no longer because I wanted to or because I was happy that I was no longer unemployed, but because I needed the medical insurance coverage.

9- After coming back to work from surgery Mari fought to take away my workstation (computer, printer EVERYTHING) she won. I had to start from scratch.

10- I can't concentrate at work, working with scientists its depressing. I am miserable in here. I should be grateful I have a place to work in and that the job took care of my illness...but at what price? I am treated as the scapegoat by my second supervisor...she is good friends with Mari...I'm very sad in here.
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This was very sad to read that you are facing a lot of problems, job, health. But you know I had also faced similar problems like a very bad working environment whether from male or female boss or coworkers. The male coworkers try to abuse female and the female coworkers try to pull leg I mean they become jealous if you are doing good job or if you get promoted in job but I don't want to say it applies in everywhere, there are lots of jobs where we could found good working environment, good team, very nice coworkers and nice bosses. As talking about health I had also an complicated ovarian cyst and got surgery when I was 23 yrs old, sometimes I tried to commit a suicide but I am luckier one that I have very supportive family, they are always with me and support me whether its for financial, emotional in every moment they are with me, now I am trying to overcome from all these things and looking for good oppurtunity (searching jobs). You don't have to lose hopes, everything will be better one day. I hope you will find better job which values your effort, your hard working and also good colleagues. Wish you a better health. Hope you don't mind my english is not so good.

I'm glad I now work for myself as there are more backstabbers than you think if you work for someone else. Hope you can have better luck in a more deserving workplace. I didn't want a leaving party, and it worked out that way as I ended up leaving for medical reasons after a massive earthquake. i now live in another town as a result.

sounds like the typical work environment these days <br />
<br />
either they put out want ads wanting everything and the kitchen sink a clerical person who also has business, makrketing, can opperate a fork lift, can grant wirte too or whatever off the wall thing they want AS WELL <br />
<br />
or they hire someone with no background in whatever it is dump them in an office and say do your job with no training or barely enough for you to begin <br />
<br />
failing to realize that no matter how much experience someone has they are going to need time to learn the needs of this work environment, someone with answers is going to have to be avaiable to answer questions <br />
<br />
from your story it sounds like they didn;t give you a complte desc<x>ription of your job duties or explain what you you were supposed to do especaillly in terms of supporting the other staff another classic failure <br />
<br />
the company SHOULD have a policy about flowers perfumes and other potential allergens at workstations and she SOULD carry and epi pen if she is THAT allergic <br />
<br />
its pethetic what goes on in workplaces today

It is!

Im really sorry your going through that, its the worse place to be in when you have to endure that kind of treatment. I caught a bus and 2 trains to a job where they left the trash on my workspace leaking juices all over my belongings as a way to try to tell me to take out the trash among other things. It sucks when you have to take a job cause your desperate and somehow the people there know it or know they can fck with you, and your torn cause you did all this work to get it the job or whatever. They tried to force me to quit, but I hung in there to get unemployment and let them fire me. What I would do without my unemployment right now Idk, but that experience broke me down and it definatly wasnt worth it, but we all do what we have to do........

Hi Tuva, thank you so much. It has been very difficult. Since i wasn't here for one year the HR department used all of my vacation and sick hours while I was recovering from surgery because I couldn't get Family Medical Leave (FMLA) hence, no vacation time for me. The commute is terrible, 3 trains into the city plus a lightrail or car in the morning when mom drops be off at the nearest train station, and a 15 minute walk. I just try and try to be positive but its so hard.

What a horrible working environment. I'm so sorry that you have to go to a job that you hate, make that awful commute and deal with people who seem out to get you just so you can look after your health. That is such a depressing place to be to worry about your physical well-being and have to put of with the stress of spending your day in such a tense and stressful environment. I hope and wish for you to find something better soon, even if it doesn't look that way for you right now. Stay strong T. <br />
<br />