You Get Paid To Work, Not Just To Show Up....

I believe I am a fairly tolerate person, but I am annoyed to no end by my one co-worker who spends all day kissing the leaderships butt and none of his time actually doing anything of value. The funny thing is, that on the rare occasion he does venture over to the 'worker bee' section, he has all sorts of ideas on what we can improve on. The ideas are usually bad but he wouldn't know because he doesn't do the day to day work. Lazy and bossy is NOT a good mix. -____-
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2 Responses Jan 3, 2012

It is terribly tiring working with spoiled and unappreciative people. That is the kind of person I was talking about in my original post. A spoiled kid from a wealthy family, he believes that the world revolves around him. Like you, I didn't know if I should say anything but today I finally had to wave the b.s. flag so to speak, over blatant favortism. I just hope I can get out of there soon enough.

I work with some great people but, unlike me, most of them are from double income families. They are very materialistic, only buy brand names and are overly concerned with status. Many of them holiday overseas on a yearly basis. One of them recently left her husband and now her parents are paying her rent. She still complains that it's hard to pay the bills on just one income! I am a struggling single parent. I still think it's great to be able to have a roof over my head, eat and pay the bills when they come in! I don't know whether to keep my opinions to myself, to remind them just how fortunate they really are!