I Hate Them!

I have hated coming into work for the past 3 years! Because of certain people who work there!!! I have managed to stand it so far as we used to have an amazing supervisor who left us at christmas last year! I miss her so much as she respected me n encouraged me n praised me n helped me everything a supervisor should be!!

But that has left other supervisor free on bullying me n my best mate without having anyone standing in her way!

We had a staff meeting a couple of weeks ago in it was about nothing in the room n how well wehad worked without a supervisor for the days when she isnt in!

No it was lets make ME n BEST MATE cry! N my god she did with the help of her evil sidekick!!! handing her the bullets!!!

We are having another meeting tomorrow dinner time n i know its gonna be the same! We try so hard to be how they want! But it takes 2 to tango n if they dont wanna dance they dont!!!

We got told off about laughing in the staff room, sitting near each other, going on holiday together, not saying hello to them in the morning!

Then the supervisor had the check to say she wakes up full of dread about coming in coz she knows with us 2 there its gonna be a ****** day!

Well i have wanted to quit my job so many times because of her n the evil sidekick! N my friends there have talked me out of it! I feel pysically sick on the days when they are there n actually have made myself really ill stressing out over it all!!!
My doctor n dentist have just told me i have a jaw problem probably brought on when clenching in my sleep due to stress!! N i know full well who it is im thinking about!

I dont think we should feel so outcasted n ****** when we go to work! We are being vistimised n bullied n the bosses cant see it! They are old school though n have been there about 10 or more years! I have only been there nearly 4!

Sorry i have gone on n on but it helps to get it all out!
But i will probably be back tomorrow with a update!!!
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sorry meant to send this messga tosaqead but liked your comments x

hi Mindfighter what would a world be without laughter! any oportunities in the horizon, cos where u are dont sound too nice x

In ustralia we have laws about bullying in the workplace - it is considered an occupational health and safety risk as it threatens the psychological health of the person being bullied.<br />
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Check to see if you have similar conditions where you live. If so, make a formal complaint to management.<br />
<br />
But do be sure you are not somehow contributing to the problem because once it is formally investigated, there will be intense scrutiny on your actions as well as those of the Supervisor.<br />
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I wish you every success in resolving this situation. It is far more common than is generally realised and is a truly HORRIBLE thing to have to live with.

I know that what I am about to say may sound judgmental and harsh and it is but I really have to say it.<br />
<br />
Your comments seem to indicate that you suffer from the delusional premise that you are in control. You are an employee and you are paid to perform at your very best. Work is not a social club nor is it a place that must conform to your like or dislikes of your fellow workers.<br />
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I fear from your comments thta it is you out of sync with the prevailing conditions and not others. You may not like your superiors and they may not like you ,but in that case it would behoove them to replace you or you leave. I sincerely doubt that with your present attitude you are working up to your full capacity anyway<br />
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I have run and owned many, many companies over the years and dealt with unions and employees like you. It really comes down to one fine point, that no one has a God given right to employment nor is indispensible . <br />
<br />
The companies I ran paid a great deal of attention to the happiness of our employees and for those that felt as you do had every opportunity to present their views to me. <br />
<br />
If the allegations proved true management was replaced. However if the allegations were petty in nature or proved false without the employee got the gate.<br />
<br />
A workplace can be a happy one or otherwise but you seem to think yours is not. If so leave for this is really is the only God given right you have in a the employment world..<br />
<br />
I wish you well

What you are saying is so true.

I can really sympathize b/c I used to work with a group of people who simply did not mesh well together - management had failed to assemble an effective team. I'm not saying to make a habit of running away from your problems, but they sound pretty irreversible - is this a job you could replace? Why not go elsewhere and make a fresh start with a strong emphasis on positivity - by yourself! I can promise you will have a better chance of being happy and getting ahead. It's fun to have close friends outside of work - you have different perspectives to share and can go on holiday together all you want without criticism! <br />
<br />
Eventually I was laid off from the job w/the irritating co-workers - just a head-count cut. This was such a blessing as I found a better, higher-paying job with fabulous people! In fact there is only 1 person at work I can't stand, no one else can either and he's only a contractor so his days are numbered. He's a temporary and minor irritation and we just ignore him! <br />
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Life is too short to endure what you are going through for a period of years. Are you going to wake up one day and find you've been stuck there for 10, 20 years or until you retire?! I don't think so! Polish up your resume and start applying for other jobs today - it's always easier to get another job while you already have one. <br />
<br />
Also I suggest you read good books about career, work, being positive and getting ahead. Discover Your Strengths would be a great one to start with - buy your own copy so you can take the test. Then you can sell yourself to your next employer on your strengths. People do well at what they do best. <br />
<br />
Please keep me posted - I'd love to know how you're doing! I have been where you are. X O X O X O

Prank them, lol. j/k. Well maybe you should try and get some evidence to your boss on how they pick on you. Like a tape or audio recording. You need physical proof to show that they are abusing you.