I've been at my job for 3 months shy of 5 years. For the most part of these 5 years, I've been with the same people. My supervisor trained me, for which I am very thankful. She has taught me everything I know in this job. She's an excellent trainer, and a very good worker.
Up to now. The manager who hired me has left for a new business, which will open its doors to the public about Feb. 1st, 2013. He was "courted" by the owner of the new place. Once his decision was final, he let my supervisor know, and it was a secret that she shared with me. She told me that he was taking her first, and wanted me to follow. Then it would be the 2 of us working side by side, and the others would follow us.
I was not comfortable with him not talking directly with me, offering me a job in his new place. After a lot of thought and counselling, I have decided to stay where I am. I am one of the few in my department staying. The assistant manager has been promoted to manager, and the staff who are leaving have no respect for her, nor do they like her.
Today the staff Christmas lunch was planned, and a date was set. Because it is happening very soon, I mentioned that it was time to collect money towards a gift for the new manager. Those leaving told me she doesn't deserve a gift, and she is not their manager, but my manager, so they aren't giving anything. After a bit of a heated discussion, the 2 of us sort of "made up" and didn't talk about it for the rest of the shift. The coworkers in another department who are leaving agreed with her, and they let me know they were not happy with me for starting the collection.
Too bad! Anyway, I told others about the collection, and most are going to give.
My coworker and the others leaving usually decorate our business for Christmas. Today she said she wasn't in the mood for decorating because it isn't the same, and they are leaving. Next year they will have all brand new stuff to use for their 1st Chrismtas in the new place. Her attitude and actions and words are really starting to bother me a lot. Today I nearly lost my temper during our "little discussion".
For example, I was trained to say certain things when I answered the phone. Of utmost importance was stating my name. She no longer uses her name. Everything about her body language shows she doesn't want to be there anymore because she can't stand the new manager. I say she should just leave now rather than make things miserable pretending to do the job. But she won't because she can't afford to be unemployed for the month she has to wait for the new job to start.
There is so much tension in the air that work is becoming difficult and stressful for me. Today I came home with a serious back ache, headache, stress in my shoulders.
I wish I could talk to her about how I feel; but, I have to maintain the charade of closeness so I won't lose my temper.
I just think coworkers should stop saying "snide" comments out loud in front of those of us who are staying. They should respect our decisions as much as we respect their decisions.
Sure, I wish things did not turn out like this. I wish my old manager had shown more professionalism and not "stolen" our staff to become his staff. By the way, he and my supervisor are "stealing" as many of our regular customers as will go with them to the new place. I found this to be very unprofessional and rude, but that is my opinion!
I am toughing it out. I talk about all this in my counselling sessions, and he helps me act in an appropriate manner.
I have only about a month left under these conditions. I know I'll survive because I am a survivor and a fighter!
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Hey Jiggs, good for you standing your ground. It is certainly not professional in the business world to steal employees and clients. People do it all the time but it isn't right. At least you have your integrity. Small minded people will make snide comments rather than speak directly to you for conflict resolution or politeness. I'm sorry it is a tense atmosphere for now. Hang in there. Your persistence will pay off and you truly are a survivor and fighter!

Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! You've made my day.

My friend, you are one amazing fighter and the good Lord is on your side. Your co-workers are acting like jerks and you are setting the right example. Just persist in doing what you know to be right. Virtue is its own reward. Once those co-workers have left you will be left with a more peaceful situation.

Thank you so much! You are such an encouragement to me. I have such peace after reading your words.