Change Part 2

Wow! I cannot believe the childish behavior exhibited by my coworker today. It's Monday, and she was tired today; but, there is no excuse for how she acted.
During the month of December we are allowed to play Christmas music 24/7. We did not have a working CD player, and I love Christmas music, so I bought one for us to use. I brought my own Christmas CDs to play. All morning, beautiful music filled the lobby. I was having a delightfully pleasant day.
After lunch, I had a Chirstmas CD of the Irish Rovers playing. The group had stayed in our hotel recently, and they had given me a copy of this CD. I had not listened to it yet, and I wanted to hear it. I love it! I think it is beautiful, and the music is lively and entertaining.
My coworker asked what had happened to the CD with the lady singing. My manager mentioned whom the singer was, and she didn't know where it was. My coworker said it was far better than what was playing at the time. I told her that this was the CD I was given by the Rovers and this was the 1st time I was playing it. She told me it was awful music & the Rovers and Christmas don't mix! I replied by saying, "To each his own." She loudly shouted, "Oh come on, Jiggstrixie"! (using my EP name here) She stormed off down the hall, went into the laundry room, and replayed the entire incident with my other coworkers.
They got into a loud discussion about Christmas music. The laundry person had her own music playing on her computer, and she said she would just have to bring her big speakers and play her music as loud as she wanted to so it could be heard in the lobby over "other" music! The 2 of them got really loud so that I could hear them.
I guess it was intended for me to hear and get upset. I didn't! Well, I guess I did, but I carried on with instructing our newest worker in a certain area. My coworker said out loud that she was just going to have to stay in the laundry room where the music was "listenable"! I told my trainee, "It's my CD player. It's my CDs. I'll listen to whatever music I want to!" She just laughed.
I did, however, turn the music down so only I could hear it. My coworker came out of the laundry room and said, "Good. It's over." I said, "No. I just turned the volume down so I could hear it play."
For most of the 1 1/2 hours left in our shift together, she didn't talk to me. The lady in laundry didn't talk to me either.
What was my reaction to all this? I left my trainee working on the project, and I left the front desk for the pool area. I went to the exercise room and filled a glass with cold water. I was tense and ready to pound the wall with my fists to get rid of my hurt and anger. I remembered my counselling, and I did nothing! That's right, I did nothing! I slowly drank my glass of water, breathed my way through this, and walked back to the desk! No reaction, no response. They are not worth it!
Ha! The fighter and survivor in me won!
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Good for you! You handled the situation brilliantly. It IS Christmas time, right? WHAT is their problem? I suspect the actual music had little to do with it, but rather, that you took the initiative to provide Christmas music without needing to consult them. And, you had the good sense to use the music of guests who have stayed in the hotel. Must have really got up your co-workers' noses to see you exercising such good judgment.

Thanks, Perseverer! Today I return to work for my 1st day back since the music incident. I will be playing Christmas music during my shift! It is the season for it, and everywhere we shop, I can hear it playing. Why should my workplace be any different?

Sounds like you work with The Grench and Ebenezer Scrooge. Bah, humbug.!!! Just kidding. Hope it goes well for you today!:):)

How childish of your coworkers. Some people make conflict out of nothing. I'm so sorry they tried to bully you. It sounds awful. Stay strong. You are a beautiful person. At one place I worked a woman got mad listening to a young man's soft rock so she brought her headphones and listened to her music all day making a big show of not being able to hear anyone.She walked around with her head in the air and a grin on her face, just loving her own childish behavior. These people need to grow up!!!

Thanks! You took the words right out of my mouth. I could see my coworker doing this just for the show of it.