My Cowokers

I'm working as a personal carer at a nursing home at the moment.

One colleague is very flirty and touchy to me and I hate it. I told him about it and we stay friends but it still frightens me. When I first started working, I thought there is no stupid question (better be safe than sorry right?) and I asked questions but no one answers me. I mostly figured all the stuffs myself. Many tell me to do this and that because I'm quite new. It confuses me sometimes.Many often leave me alone and I usually have no tea break. Many often ask me to relax while I really want to try my best to do it as this is my first job. Many often ask me not to work overtime while I only need 5 more minute to complete a task. I do care about completing my job properly. I'm a slow poke and I know that most of them do not like it but I just want to make sure the quality of customer service I deliver is good and I'm still not that confident yet. When I did something wrong, the coordinator just make it a fuss whereas it is ok for others to do the same thing. I just don't feel the support provided at work.

Well, I met some nice colleagues. Luckily, I have them to hang in there.

Right now, I'm just working there for the money. I cannot wait to get a better job with a good and supportive working environment.
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22-25, F
Dec 18, 2012