My Lovely Co-workers Part 2

Here's something funny about my retarded co-workers and employees:

Yesterday I went into my store to finish the schedule for next week.  I was on my own time and I told them from the get-go not to bother me with work-related stuff.

So one of my "managers" comes running into the office where I was, looking like someone was attacking her with pepper spray or something, and said, "Oh, my God!  We just saw a beetle or something! I think it came from yesterday's shipment!"

I blank-stared at her and said, "What?"

She continues, "I was showing a customer a shirt and a bug fall off of it and started crawling on the floor.  I think it came from our shipment because this shirt is made in Vietnam and I think it's like a Vietnam beetle or something!"

Keep in mind that (1) our clothes may be manufactured overseas, but they are distributed to stores at a distribution center located in Phoenix, Arizona, and (2) she's saying all of this in a very frantic way, like the sky is falling.

So I continue to blank-stare at her and I asked, "So what do you want me to do about it?"

She replied, "Well, I don't know what to do?"

I said, "Why don't you kill it?"

She said, "I just don't want the store infested with Vietnam beetles." 

Realizing that she can't handle submitting a work order to have the Terminex man come spray the store since she's worried about Vietnam beetles, I told her I would do it and to leave me alone so I can finish the schedule.

About 2 minutes later, a co-worker, who thinks the manager and everyone else who works with us is stupid came into the office.

She says, "When 'manager' came into the office, 'employee' was standing there watching the bug.  And when I told her to kill it, she said she wanted to wait and see what you had to say."

I said, "Lord have mercy, you mean she wouldn't kill it until she found out what I said about a bug?"

She laughed and said, "Yes!"

I dropped my head into my hands and thought, "I have got to get away from these morons."  Then I told the girl, "All I told 'manager' was to kill it."

She laughed again and said, "I told her that's what you would say.  What else would you say?  Then she stood there and watched the bug crawl into the wall.  Now it's going to multiple and we'll have a real problem."

Again, I dropped my head into my hands and thought, "I have got to get away from these people."

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LOL. Please please please start a blog about this. I need to laugh about other people's coworkers once in a while, because mine are stressful. Although funny if you can step back, but being in the moment it's usually stressful.

thanks for the laughs lol after a long day at work....and a disturbing conversation with a co-worker at work.....this sure made me laugh! im gonna have to forward this to people. yeah.... i suppose some people don't have a has a lot to do with a lack of maturity on some people's part...... i am just so glad that i will not have to look at the person i can't stand the most at work,..she will no longer be working at my i am sooo thankful to the heavens above.....i guess im just more used to working with people who have a brain...and not so childish.....God sure does work in mysterious ways!

So funny & entertaining all at once! You must be beside yourself. Why do these people still work for you? I know, they need a job too. You must go home every day and laugh so much that you do not need to watch sit coms on tv! Your book would be a best seller.

Its funny how when you work in an office you have such a mix of personalities all fighting amongst each other, usually for something - to look better than the next person. It's like a bunch of kids and your the parent sometimes.

to the original poster of this story. well, you asked for it. when you have time off, stay way from the office. that's mistake number 1. so whatever you encounter is your fault and your fault alone.

lol. hilarious xd your co-workers are so hopeless it's so funny (and scary..) I think I would kill that girl along with the bug..haha

Glad that made you laugh. It's all so funny after the fact.

sorry it made me laugh i laughed out so hard i can't believe this! the way you describe it the whole situation is absurd. but then..poor woman she tries to do everything by the book.