Whiny Babies

If you don't want to work,then quit. Most of the servers at the restaurant where I work are whiners. Always crying because we are sitting them too fast or the tips are bad or they need a break and want to leave early. These are all legitimate complaints but as a hostess I have to hear it all day!!! The more customers you get the more money you make idiots.

Plus they are a couple who feel like they are my boss. There is one girl who is a sloppy,lazy, rude, trailer trash jerk. Her mother works there so I think that is why she still has the job. Her mother is a jerk too by the way. I had to finally tell the lazy slob she needs to watch how she talks to me. I am hesitant about saying anything to the manager because her mother is buddies with the manager and they have both been there longer then me, so most likely nothing will be done about her.

I have to put up with a lot to say I only make a little over minimum wage I am so sick of it.
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

you should be nicer to your coworkers. give them a little slack. everyone is stressed and probably not thinking their best.