Picking Up People'S Slack.

Why is it that this generation does not do their job? I clearly do not understand why people call out of work weekly...leaving me with picking up their slack. It is completely uncalled for. I literally work with a bunch of lazy people who just do not care. God Bless America.
Thelittlethings017 Thelittlethings017
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2 Responses Oct 2, 2013

At my job the two laziest people are our tech specialists. They are also the two that are always fighting to be my store managers favorite and best seller. But that's all they will do is sell. If you try to get them to work it's an all day project to do something that would take someone else an hour or two at most.

Trust me-it's not just "this generation"I notice you're young.I work in an office with people from 60 down to 17.The 17 y/o is pleasant on the phone,always asks how she can help,will do anything without complaint and pays attention to detail.Yet she is NEVER given credit by the old bags in the office who are too busy one upping each other about their kids/grandkids to do any actual work.Sigh.SO unfair.

I agree I am young too, and I have the same problem at work. I don't think I am lazy but if I am scheduled until 6 don't think I will stay until 7. If my work isn't finished I will but don't come add something to my plate 5 minutes before I have to leave. We have at least 3 people in my office that call off AT least once a week if not more I have worked since July and have called of 3 times most of the time making it up on one of my off days. I have been ask to come in at least 3 times in the last 2 weeks because people have called off. Of course though when I call off they don't ask anyone to come in and everyone else gets swamped. We need as many people as we can and everyone gets sick, but come on when you are missing 1-2 days a week its ridiculous.

I hope it gets better for you.Nothing worse than a job you hate and being trapped.
Take care and stay well.