They Are Noisy.

I can't stand most of them because they are very loud most of the time. It's hard enough to concentrate on the job and then they laugh out loud, shriek, shout, talk a lot, and do other annoying things. It's just hard for me to work around them.


anschel anschel
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2 Responses Dec 7, 2008

Omg I know how u feel there's a bunch of girls in my class at college that keep laughing and they **** everyone off the tutor don't even tell them to shut up and when I'm trying to wright they get me so mad I shouted out loud FOR **** SAKE! Aha that shut them up

Get yourself a good headset and listen to music while you're working (assuming you're allowed to do this). After awhile, the noisy co-workers will notice and may actually tone it down around your workspace. I went so far as to get noise canceling headphones. I think my noisy group got the message.

Understood. I have done that - and get this : at the suggestion of my own boss! How ridiculous is that? Meaning she can't control her team so I should wear headsets ... yes, that is correct. BTW that is against company policy.

I forgot to mention - it did not work. In fact they come to me, poke me and try to get my attention while I am doing my work and it's like they just need me to hear their noise. SICK!!!!!!