I love some of my Co-workers but other ones I despise. I will say I am young but the department I work for is brand new and July 2014 and I was one of the 1st employees hired. I have been with it since day one(Actually even before that, but all of that aside I will say I have never seen so much complaining whiney people. I want a job from where all these people came from because they act like Rules are something new. There isn't a day go buy that people do not fight over lunch break. We have several people in the office and we run 24/7 We were told 1st person in first to have lunch earliest person comes in between 6-7 and starts taking lunch about 10:30 but then no one else wants to go and if that 8am hasn't went to lunch yet and you came in 9am and you want to go its a big ordeal. We have had fights over lunch so many times our supervisors ahd to make a schedule that also made people mad. Then of course management got lazy with ti people changed times new people got hired and were back to fighting. OF course the hire ups in out company are complaining about every thing we do, I'm used to it, but it seems like for a lot of people in my office this is the first time they have ever been told they have made a mistake. It's gotten so bad people have threatened to quit because they were told they were wrong. I love most of our supervisors but there is one who is horrible. Are jobs require us to send reports and our supervisors to review them. One is so lazy they read the first section then ask 1000 questions that were clearly in the report you sent. This supervisor has also yelled at someone for going to the bathroom for more than 3 minutes and not telling them. They also have no idea how any of are equipment works and doesn't know the difference between an IM and an Email. The sad thing is he isn't that old and should no better but has gotten away with acting this way for so long, and no one has told him any better.Several co-workers have cried. I don't take it personally nor do I care about what he does, or says/feels about me. I feel the worst that can happen is he complain to our director and he can do that all he wants. I feel sorry for our director she is a great person but the uppers for her is always pulling her to meeting not being able to do what she needs and allowing to supervisors to make decisions I don't think they should. We have a 2 faced lady in the office which is the worst person to be. She will complain about everyone to everyone and then turn around and at like she is best friends with the person she talked about. Of course I can be friendly to someone I don't like but I wouldn't spend any of my free time with them. We also have a new worker which i have had very limited prior meetings with.I have a friend who knows him very well.... HE is very special kind of guy. He has worked with out for a little over a month and has already wrote several emails explaining his personal life and saying to disregard if we're not interested. He is crazy, and already thinks he is so much better than everyone else. Its frustrating to see someone walk in act like they own the place when they don't even know what they are doing. Have another co-worker who is my age and she makes me hate our generation. She spends her time watching movies and doing busy work. She works so hard to get out of working its pathetic. There are several people who complain about others productivity. Then I look at the overall picture and see that they are only 1-3 more a head of the person they were complaining about for the month. Just because one day you do a lot better than someone doesn't mean your better overall.
kyla1098 kyla1098
22-25, F
Nov 29, 2014