There are three coworkers who i find absolutely annoying to the point where I REALLY wish I could say "SHUT THE EFF UP ALREADY". Mrs. "H" is lazy, she doesn't do half the things she is suppose because she is so busy on her smart phone scrolling social media all day. She leaves her post SEVERAL times a day to go outside to smoke. At the end of the night she doesn't clock out like she is suppose to, she sits around accumulating time, then complains all week how unfair it is that she is "forced" to work over 50 hours.

Ms. "T" is a drama queen. She make a huge deal out of anything that goes on or goes wrong in her life, all the while laughing as she describes how she has such bad luck and bad things always happen to her. Example, when she talks about her father battling cancer and they get some uncertain news she usually laughs as she says "Ya know, it's like I should have know it was gonna go wrong because that's usually what happens to me." (You?, I thought it was your father dumb ***).

Mrs. "C" is the manager, she doesn't like for anything to go wrong, if it does she sweeps it under the rug so it doesn't bother her bosses. We have been understaffed for almost 2 years, we can't keep up with the demand and there are always complaints made by our customers. If we bring a problem to her attention her first response always is the same "People think I don't know what goes on around here, but I pay attention, they think I don't but I know what really goes on." And I feel like say "if you know what's going on then that means that you are playing favorites by letting Mrs. "C" get away with never doing her work." And after her little speech she gives us the cold shoulder for the entire day, then the next day she talks rudely to whoever ticked her off and dumps an unreasonable amount of work on them.
BrokeBandit BrokeBandit
41-45, F
Apr 7, 2015