This Is Wrong, I Think ! ! ! !

                 My boyfriend is 29yrs old. A wonderful man, he has issues like everyone does. His health is not so good. He has to have a heart, lung, and liver tranplant.
   When I came into the picture, His parents didn't like that one bit. Which I can understand to one point, okay two points. 1. They had always been there for him. Now I was there for him.
2. They were protecting him, from getting his heart broke.
    I stay with my boyfriend for two months in his apt. Which he wanted by the way. He parents stayed away. Intill the last month. Than they started in, on all kinds of crap.
    Than my boyfriend told them, he was moving with me back to my home. A few states away. They hit the roof, and saying he was losing his mind. That he could not think on his own. That he was rushing into something, that he should thing a lot more about. Which we talked about for a month, and I leave it up to him. What he wanted to do. I did, make him come with me. Well, his mother got in his bank account and took all his money, closed the account out. Than told him she would do what ever she had to, to keep him from coming.
       Than they came over one evening. His Dad came to the Dad, grab him by the arm, and pulled him out to the car, and they left with him. They came back, finally a few hours later.
Well my boyfriend said he dedice to stay there. I said okay that fine with me. His parents smile and were happy. They left, and we started talking, and he said he still wanted to go. That he just said that to his parents.
   Well I only had money for my ticket home. So he sold a lot of his things at the pawn shop for a ticket. We brought the tickets the next morning. We were to catch the bus at 12:30pm that day. So we went in to the bar, and got something to eat.
      About 5mins, after our food got set down in front of us. Who walks in, of all people. His parents. My boyfriend picks up his cell and called 911, to send the police out, right away. The cops showed up.
     The cops talked to my boyfriend and his dad, than to me and his mother, His mother said, I was the trouble, taken his sick child, away from her. That he was to ill to travel.
       Well to let ya all know he, was not to ill to travel. I didn't take him away from anything he didn't want me to. My boyfriend tells me that he has not felt safe with his parents in 2 years.
 Well we did get on the bus. We are here, I wish that is were my story ends. But nope, it goes on some more.
       We went to switch his S.S.I. , and all the paper work that need to be done. To switch everything over to my state. Well his Mother has gone to court and got a tempairly gurdian ship over him.
  She has not shown up here, and has not taken any of his calls. His Dad, took his call, and said, nething like that was going on. That they were just looking in to it. Yeah okay I don't buy that.
    What I ThinK
 I think his mother, don't want him to have a life of his own. Because of his health issue's. She is keeping him from, feeling love and meeting people. Having a life, instead of being cooped
up in an apt. All the time.
  They have, treat his and spoiled him. Like a little child. He is 29yrs old. God, let the man grew up. I have no repect for his parents now. All they do is up set him, and that is not good on him.
         I don't think I was the trouble. But maybe I'm wrong. Because I did show him how to love, how live, and see all the little things in life, as well as the big one. I do love him, I would never hurt him. I would be right they by his side, every step, if he asked me to.
    Rather he wants to stay with me, and start a family someday(NOT NOW). Or go on and live his life with out his parents. Or go back to them spoiling him, and running his life.What ever he wants, I will stand behide him. Even if, it breaking my own heart into a million piece's. Because I want him to be happy, and live the life he wants. Not what his parents want for him. He is not a child any longer. 
Sourtherngirl Sourtherngirl
22-25, F
Oct 18, 2007