He Is Just Freakin Annoying

First i didnt think the guy was so freakin childish. The beast moved in with us just because he and my baby are best friend and thats his brother. He drives my crazy with his wwe,video games, and he always talking about how girls play him . For god sake he's 22 years old 6'1 tall and good looking but the way he acts and dress makes me wanna puke over and over again. He stinks and his room reeks like poo.

All i want is me and my baby to be alone and happy. any advice?

gettosmash212 gettosmash212
1 Response Mar 25, 2009

Honestly, I have learned that your "baby" is going to have to set the boundary. <br />
When I get all tangled up about the b-i-l being too close for comfort I end up complaining to my husband. Then he gets all crazy because he doesn't know how to deal with it.<br />
If I try to set a boundary myself, then the b-i-l gets offended and it causes a riff then. <br />
So, what I determined is that my hubby is going to have to be the one to set the boundary and keep it.<br />
We have only been married 4 years. Little by little he separates himself from the b-i-l's problems.<br />
Right now, we are all teamed up because the b-i-l is working with my hubby AGAIN!<br />
The problem is: b-i-l interjects into mine and hubby's conversations and I find the hubby tends to hammer out life with b-i-l before me. I hate that! <br />
Anyway, keep in touch, we can support one another. :o)