Three Years of Hate That Will Never Stop

He cheated on us. Not just my mom but both my brother and I also. I'll never forget the sound of my mom crying the night that she found out. I'll never forget how easy it was for him to go on vacation with his new family while I was sitting at home, in pain, after my surgury. Or how told me I should be crying because he was leaving. It didn't happen. I was overjoyed that he was leaving. I didn't want anybody around that could do that to a family. I didn't want anyone around that was so willing to hurt us. He used my brother. He still uses my brother. He'll twist his emotions and throw him on a guilt trip to achieve what he wants. He tried to buy me. I took his money and threw it back in his face. I loved the feeling of trying to distroy him and his life. I wanted him to suffer. I still want him to suffer for what he did and is doing. He's the one person I feel no guilt about hurting. I was daddy's little girl. I wasn't enough for him. Now I'm daddy's worse enemy. He has threatened to arrest me. He said that I was a threat. I was. But noone else could ever see that. They knew I hated him but I don't think anybody knows how much.
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2 Responses Apr 11, 2007

Pan s right you know, You really dont wanto go down that road, its a hard bumpy, and scary road,.I know you may never be able to forgive him but dont let him,controle and be the annswer to your anger, you need to be strong, And dont give in to the hate and anger, trust me Ive been down that road, what comes after all that anger isnt nice, the Darknes, and the bad, just stay calm and know that you are loved by the love of your life and just forget about the hate.....<br />
Be safe, love and light,.Phoenix x

I understand your anger, but... endless hatred is not the answer. I don't expect you to forgive him, but I don't like hearing that you enjoy hurting somebody... even him.<br />
<br />
I only ask that you don't let hatred consume you. Because when that happens, there is no room left in your heart for love - not even for me.