Just Cant Stand Him!

i really cant stand my dad, i dont get on with him at all, i dont talk to him, i dont stay in the same room as him for longer than 5 minutes and we cant keep a conversation up past hi and buy. i still have to live with him, unfotunatly him and my mum are still together, no mater how much i resent the stupid bastard! i used to be alright with him, when i was younger, but as i got older, i started to realise how much or a ****** he was, and fare enough he isnt as bad now, but its the fact that he used to be the way he was that makes me resent him so much.

i know i could forgive him and stuff, but i just cant, i know people might say that thats imature and i should get on with him and stuff, but i couldnt care less what anyone else thinks, hes a **** and i hate him! he ment everything he did back then, and hes still a bit of a ****** with me now, so im never gonna forgive him!

the other day i laughed at the fact he got hurt, i dont normally do stu like that, and it rather scared me, but i suppose thats exactly how i feel about him, i would laugh at his pain. someone once told me, a councellre in fact, said shes suprised i aint stabbed him with a kitchen knife or somthing, just killed the ******.

i hate him and always will, and i know you shouldnt say stuff like this, but if he died tomorrow, i really couldnt care less. when he goes away, i just wish that he doesnt come back, that he might have an accident, and just wont come back. i was told by a friend who lost her dad, that you should never wish death upon him, but just because she loved and got on with her dad, doesnt mean i have to mine. its not a wish death upon him, i just wish hed **** off and never come back!

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I get you, but in life you only get one dad. i have a terribble relationship with mine to. He gets angray with small stupid things and doesn't listen. everytime I talk to him he gets angry. I say no the wrong way and Im disrespectful apparently... i get you though. but cherish your dad cuz you only get one in life and you do love him more than you realize, it seems like he doesn't care , but they just have a funny way of showing it. Hes probably really aggrivating, but if you tell him how you feel, like if you ask him why hes so angry all the time or anything you need to ask really then sit down and talk with him. another thing is, In a girls life, The father is the first man a woman ever learns to love, so if you don't love your father, it's going to be really hard to love any man later in life. just try please, because he is an influence you need in your life, hope you try this and things get better:)

You do realise by now I suppose, that in your whole rant you did not give one solid reason why you do not like your dad. In fact what your rant did is to give both your dad and the rest of the universe good reason to believe that you have no explanation!<br />
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Your mail, curiously, appears more fustration than hatred.<br />
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If you could explain more about your dad and more about yourself, perhaps someone could offer advice, This appears to be a classical love/hate relationship.

I don't know what he did to you - maybe it was something awful. But I can tell you that until you see him as a person - not a stereotype - and find a way to forgive him, the hate you feel will poison your relationships with others, especially men. Forgiving is empowering, even if he doesn't deserve it. It will take time, you won't want to do it - do it any way - for your own good.