I Cant Stand Him.

I cant stand my dad. He seems to compete with me for my mums attention. He gets mad over everything and i cant take it! I wish my parents would get a divorce thats my biggest wish. When my parents hug or kiss i feel like screaming i hate him. He is the only person i honestly hate. I cant talk to him about anything. He doesnt ever spend time with me or my younger brother but yet he has time for my mum. i cant take him anymore my mum seems to stand up for him she use to for me but now its all diffrent and it hurts me. I just dont want to live with him and i cry nearly everyday out of frustration and hate. He yells at me for no reason and is always in a bad mood and takes it out on me. If he left and never came back i would throw a party. Can someone please help me?

Tgrace1998 Tgrace1998
22-25, F
Mar 3, 2010