Another One Of My Mistakes

I've been married for two years. I thought that he was my soulmate, but I've come to realize that we cannot stand each other. I complain about him not spending time with me, and he turned the argument around, and tried to say that I was the one who never spends any time with him. I spend hours by myself, I'm a college student, and he is complaining about me having played cards for an hour last night. He told me I was a ***** to him all the time, and he couldn't stand being around me. He's very angry all the time, and he compared me to an woman who he knows that I cannot even stomach the sound of her name because of the type of shady person he is. He told me she told him that I would "Do exactly that" to him. Whatever that means. I'm very upset, and I really don't know what the right answer is. He's telling me he loves me now, but he is also telling me what a piece of **** I am.
divinasarai divinasarai
26-30, F
Sep 15, 2012