Reason #1

We've been together for 12 years, married for ten. I'm not sure when I figured it out but I can't stand him about 90% of the time and the reasons are ENDLESS. I'm hoping that writing about it will be cathartic for me until I come up with a real solution.

Reason #1 - he is smothering me. He wants to be around me every moment imaginable and is jealous when I want to spend time with other people; people who I actually like. He had friends once upon a time but he has the impression that being married means separating oneself from all friends. They probably couldn't stand him either and were happy to be relieved of their duties. Lucky bastards.

Thanks for listening.

LivLyfLuv LivLyfLuv
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2 Responses Mar 24, 2010

Sorry, I couldn't help but laugh, I just see too much of me here! Can't understand why a man would push friendship away with both hands (or fists). The snide comments are endless, the complaints continual. Ah, today he actually tried to justify his very poorly hidden smirk when I got the news my old boyfriend ( who asked me to marry him shortly after I started to date my husband) was dying of cancer. I've never shown such lack of compassion to him, WTH?!!!

OMG...I loved this. I swear I wrote it. I am in the same exact boat. I want to smash my husband's face just for breathing.