The ***** Is Psycho

My husband's ex just can't get over him.  She stalks us by riding by our house and by our job.  She calls just because she wants to hear his voice.  She emails me several times a week and calls me several times a week.  I tried being nice to her because my husband and her have kids together, so if she would email me about the kids I would reply, but this psycho ***** goes as far as emailing me a bunch of bullshit stuff like we are best friends so I don't even reply.  She uses the kids as much as possible to try to get to my husband.  She has went as far as saying that their son had bipolar or worse because my husband left her.  My husband pays over $400 per WEEK in child support and that ***** doesn't even have a house payment because her parents own the house that she lives in.  And that is still not enough for her.  She is so ******* greedy that the only way she would sign the divorce papers is if he agreed to pay for the divorce, pay for her to file bankruptcy, and to be named as the beneficiary on his $200,000 life insurance policy until the kids all turned 18 (Not to have the kids as the beneficiary, but herself).  She is getting over 70% of his check each week and she works.  She is bringing in at least $750-$800 per week including the child support.  She has three kids.  She doesn't spend the money on the kids only herself.  The kids clothes are never appropriate.  Either too small or not appropriate for the weather.  Their shoes look like they have been through hell and back.  And to top that off she just bought a brand new car.  I know the payments have to be at least $400 per month at least and that is not including the insurance on it.  Even her own friends talk to me and say how she spends all her child support money on going out eating, drinking, or what ever she feels like spending the money on.  To top all that bullshit off, her father is a convicted sex offender that spent several years in prison for molesting her and her sister, and she still chooses to leave her kids (2 girls and 1 boy) in the care of her mother and father.  Is that sick or what?  All so she can go out and get drunk. 
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The only thing I can say is that anyone who has been sexually abused or molested could very well have a very different idea of what a relationship is. For them 'normal' is so far off the beaten path that it looks psychotic but it is reality for them. The court system when all is said and done has a human being sitting on the bench. Hopefully someday there will be a more accountable system.

My husband's StalkerX is a psychotic loser freak too! 28 years and she's STILL at it! <br />
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I didn't even MEET him until after she dumped him--for another man, but when that didn't work out, well, she figured she could snap her fingers and he'd go running back, and when he didn't, well...<br />
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My husband did cut off contact with her over 15 years ago, as soon as his daughters were old enough for him to make arrangements directly with them, so she became reaquainted with HIS family to continue stalking him through them "by proxy." We've had to cut off contact with most of HIS family members as a result, but she STILL continues! <br />
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She's psychotic, and I'm pretty sure beyond help.

LOL...I forgot all about this post of mine. I am sure I was venting a whole lot...LOL...but that isn't even the half of the whole drama. For the past year and a half my husband has been fighting for custody...His ex finally got a boyfriend in August November 2007 my husband was going after custody of his children because his oldest would cry hysterically every time he had to go back to his mom's house...He was telling us that his mom's boyfriend was beating on them, etc...My husband was still paying child support this whole time and his children were going without food...His son never had lunch money so he would be fed a cheese sandwich at school and when he got home his mom would feed him a bowl of mac-n-cheese for dinner...We knew that the boyfriend was a drug addict and a convicted felon as well...We figured since the mother was definitely not taking care of the kids she had to be doing something with all of that money...Once my husband's ex found out that he was taking her to court for custody she stopped bringing the children to us on a regular basis...In April 2008 my husband and his ex agreed on shared custody where he had them one week and she had them the next...that seemed like it would be perfect for the children at the least we didn't have to take the chance of going to court and losing again...Plus hubby didn't have to pay child support...Well we were certainly wrong...after a couple of months of shared custody we received a telephone call from his ex's father and sister informing us that his ex was using heroin, and was neglecting the husband again filed for custody...we were granted an emergency custody hearing (which took us a month to get into court) the hearing his ex admitted to "dabbling" in heroin use...the judge had both of them take drug tests right then...take in mind that heroin only stays in your system for about 2 days...both of them passed a drug test...even after she admitted to using heroin and blamed it all on her boyfriend that her parent's kicked out of their home, the judge gave them both shared custody until a trial date set six months away...When we went back to court six months later the judge gave her back sole custody of the children because my husband works too much (3-12pm)...they said that his ex was able to spend more quality time with the children...and no one seemed to mind that she was still with the drug addict boyfriend because now he was in rehab...Bottom line, the justice system is screwed up big time...even though my husband worked his butt off...he did it to support his children...they always had everything they needed and most of what they wanted with us...we were always there with them...if hubby wasn't there I was...Now hubby is back to paying $300 per week in child support...only sees his kids every other weekend...his ex is still not providing for the children like she should...and only GOD knows whether they are still strung out on drugs or not.

almost have the same experience... these ex:s just dont know how to get over them... they are miserable... so they want to see you miserable but waht they dont seem to figure out is that they are hurting theyre own kids... i hope she stops being obnoxious...good luck

I dont know how you would feel about taking the kids in and getting custody, but if you tried it sounds like you would win. it is a lot of work being a step-mother I know but less stress than dealing with her crazy A**, then he wouldn't have to pay so much in child support.

This woman has serious issues. Maybe your husband needs to discuss with her the situation of leaving the kids with her father. It's entirely inappropriate and unfair on the children. They are his children too and he needs to help protect them.