Silly Me

Got married for the 2nd time, 23 years ago, raised this man 2 children, had my own of cousrse, but nothing I ever did was good enough for my mother-in-law, she would undermind me when it came to his kids, ignore mine, they all lived in the same house, she has always been sneeky, underhanded, lies , to get her way, all his family seem to be phoney, they only call or come around when they need or want something, then they're sweet as pie. I feel like I should have stayed with my 1st husband, who wasn't a bad man after all, unfortuntely, he passed away in 91, and is missed by my children who are grown up now, and missed by me, I just feel lost at times, and sorry I made so many bad choices, my life hasn't always been that bad, and I do have wonderfull grandchildren, plus my step kids seem to love me alot, and they do treat me good. I just can't seem to forget things, perhaps I should just let go of the past. When I do try, my mother -law pulls another stunt, and it starts all over.
pugchi pugchi
61-65, F
Mar 15, 2007