I Cant Stand My In Laws!!

My in laws get on my nerves!!!!!! They are so over protective of my husband its ridiculous!! They treat him like he is still a child !!! I love my husband and I completely respect his parents but they get on my nerves !! I don't care if no one reads this but i just need to rant. They do everything together! my husband is so over it !! they try to get him to go to vacation with them still ! like what?! then they get mad if he doesn't!!!!!! they want to know every detail about every where we go !! the other day we was at his parents visiting for a little bit while i was finishing up and work and me and him were in an argument and he was on the phone with me .His mother decided to text me and tell me how i was starting an argument over something stupid and that i needed to think before i started an argument. well for one its NONE of her business!! second of all she has no right treating me that way and telling me what to do!! she is sooooo annoying ! they think that they can just drop in at any time they want to !! as if that's not bad enough they call and try to get him to come to everything with them !! we have our own lifes now!! we have considered moving farther away so that it would be harder for them to just drop in and try to get him to go to everything with them . But, when we have kids we want them to be close to their grand parents, my mom and dad and his parents all live close together so if we moved it would be hard for our kids to do that. But i have had it !!! i don't know how much more i cant take of it ! at first they were great now they are just annoying !! i kept thinking it would get better but it hasn't ! im loosing my mind ! its making me and my husband extremely stressed out all the time , which isn't good for either of us. WILL IT EVER STOP!?!? ugh.
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Probably not, at least not without some boundaries being set. They most likely see no reason to change, and until the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of change, most people will not deviate. Sorry.