Mollifying the Obstreperous Mother-in-law

After so many fights with my husband over his domineering and intrusive mother-in-law and even practicing the strategies suggested by my therapist (to no avail), I knew I had to come up with a new set of strategies to reclaim my turf. Author Gabrielle Garner and I have written a book addressing our collective mind-numbing "Mom" experiences offering a topography for dealing with our obstreperous mother-in-law. It is called: DisarmingtheDragon: The Rules for Mollifying the Obstreperous Mother-In-Law! Take a look-see at our site -- You no longer have to stand by silently (or be caught in the Dragon's snare by being baited into a draining confrontation). Don't let your mother-in-law put a damper on YOUR happiness thus jepordizing all you hold sacred: your family. Get a spicy taste of our rules for fending off the Dragon before she can snort, stomp, wheeze, excoriate and reduce you to ashes with her scorching breath. Slay her with kindness, we say. It can be done without betraying your ego. Let us show you how and sign up for an advance copy of our book! We'll also post people's Dragonistic stories continually so you dont' have to feel alone as you do battle with the beast! Remember. The URL is: We look forward to hearing from our fellow Dragon Slayers. We have to stick together!
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1 Response Jul 1, 2007

Of course, for a lot of us, the beast is the DIL............................