Too Old For This Drama, I Need To Move Out Inmediatly!

It just keeps getting worse, we never have a decent conversation anymore because she is so controlling and abusive in a way, the other day she told my dad "I wish you just died" when he has been good to us all this time. It's like that everyday, if she opens her mouth is to speak vile things against people and get away with it because she think she is in the superior position. We fight and fight and I don't even do anything bad, but she wants even the minor things to be HER way. For example she wants me to go to church every Sunday when I don't feel like it, because I don't believe god is just in a church and on Sundays, but she threatened me with locking me out of the house and saying stupid things about me such as " I am of the devil" and that she has full control of me until I start earning a full salary. REALLY? Well, when I was earning a FULL salary I had no freedom either , I have not been to a party with friends since 2004 approximately, imagine I really have no social life now or any kind of rights either and I am 24.

My sister is 33 and she gets the same treatment,  and she does has a job and goes to school, it's not really a money issue but one of control. By this point, my depression is because of her and how this house is managed. We are like 5 years old to her , that she needs to know everything, nag about silly matters, verbally abuse my father, be obsessed about money, be incredibly close minded and believe she still deserves credit because she is a mom? NO!

You can't tell her anything, that's why she never knew of my first boyfriend, she doesn't deserve to know! She has hit me before when I didn't comply with her reasons that only means that if I have some sort of self respect, I must get out immediately!

My parents are against their offspring moving away from home, because in my culture sons and daughters stayed at home until they married, but don't worry mom I am not going to marry any time soon ...thanks to you, I will do it on my own.

I am looking for sources of income using my brain and imagination, instead of just the old job route. I have a notebook full with little inventions for commercial products that have not been created yet. Hopefully after submitting tons of ideas to companies searching for their new hit, someone will think at least one of my good ideas is good enough to produce, and that will give me the ticket to freedom.

I believe in respect, but if your parents cant respect you yet, there's not one reason why you should be subjected to unfairness even if you came from her loins, it goes both ways.

What do you think I should do, specially about the church situation? I just can't feel very spiritual when I'm by her side!
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1 Response May 20, 2012

i have the same prob with my mom! urggg, she so abusive, emotionaly and physically , iam afraid something will set her off. if i tell the truth ... she thinks she a GREAT mother, yeah right.. she also wanted Grandkids but i cannot have any nor would want any in the future , she also pressured my sister to. ok... her stupid b/f is a live in now : he doesn't have a place to go?? my god the place is for 3 people! and she can't get her head wrapped around it? she said i should be happy for her yeah right haveing a boyfriend cramping up the house? nty. iam frustrated because she always controls everything! i mean everything.