We Have Absolutely Nothing In Common !!!

Me and my mum, we have absolutely nothing to talk about !! Whenever i try to start a conversation, she doesn't listen, she doesn't see my point of view, she always try to teach me a lesson out of it !! I am 24 for god sake, i ve got my own job !!! I know how to live my life since i ve faced all the difficulties myself !!! I always admired moms who listen their child and enjoy spending time with them !! I never had a chance to tell my problems to her, i dealt with everything my self!!! She never told me that that she loves me
Nor she shows any attraction to me !! She is always pessimistic and hatefull !! God forgive me but i hate her !!!!
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

Could have been written by my own daughter.... I love her so much, but her reactive behavior has slashed my heart so badly over the past years, that I have become "gun shy" if you will. For my own heart safety...I hold back conversation with her because most of my attempts are deeply criticized and then she turns the conversation into something ugly. I can see that I too "I make lessons out of talk" but not all the time. I can also understand how frustrating that can be...heck, I am 52 and my mother still does it to me! But honestly...is she all that bad?
One of my daughter's started comparing me with other parents, saying "why can't we be like them, and do this and that" and that she hates us because we are not like "perfect family unit."
Well, the reality is...we are not perfect parents. In most cases we do the best that we can...given the circumstances. And then my husband and I tell my girls...."You could have parents who are alcoholics, abusive, drug addicts...feel fortunate that you have parents that are at least semi-functional."
We love our kids, they don't go without, we occasionally do things together...but let's face it....24 years old, you should not be depending on your parents for happiness anymore! Happiness is found within and that needs to be found on your own!
At 24...you have your entire life in front of you and a lot can change. Heck, I did not have a decent relationship with my parents until I was in my mid to late 30's.
If you mom is pessimistic and hateful, chances are it is because she has no life of her own; having only children to take care of and nothing else going on can make a person bitter.

So, don't focus so much on the negative aspect of the relationship, because that is what you will only see. Instead, focus on her good qualities...pay her a compliment sometime...give her a hug (even when you don't want to) and see what happens! When was the last time anyone did anything nice for your mom? You see....when we give love out...eventually...you will get it back in the form of a Blessing!!!

Keep in touch and let me know how it goes okay?