I'm Sick of Her

I can't stand my mother. She is the most selfish self centered person when it comes to being a mother. Its like there is no maternal instinct in her. She does care about others just not her family. Everything is all about her and how she feels and whats gonna happen to her. She's never changed and I am everyday growing a little more toward never wanting to see her again. At times we have a good laugh and I think everything is going to be OK. But I just wish for a minute she would stop and ask me what she can do to help me. Instead of being so selfish.

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3 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Oh my gosh that's my mother in a heartbeat! She basically blew me off for Mother's Day and made other plans, even though we'd planned to spend the day together at her house. :(

To be honest we do get along to. I moved across to the UK and we get along better than we ever have...x

Parents are people first. With a host a baggage that they carry with them when they become parents.<br />
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I am sorry your relationship with your mother is not the best<br />
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Try to look beyond it. You are a grown woman with values of your own. Its time to look at your mom as a peer and not as a supervisor.<br />
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Look at her as a friend that needs help. She does. She needs you now more than you need her.<br />
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