I can't stand my mom. She calls my brother and I ungrateful, says she wishes she was dead to see how much she's missed, says "where did I go wrong to have ungrateful children" ENOUGH. I appreciate everything. I'm sorry I don't have thousands of dollars to pay you back for everything you've ever gotten me. It's all materialistic things and that's what I hate most about this whole thing. It's not being there for me, or trying to do things with me, it's "you don't ever wear that bracelet I bought you, you're ungrateful". It was a gift, and I wear on occasions. I swear she has a mental issue. I blame her for all my eating disorders, from her calling me fat from when I was in 4th grade up until senior year of high school. Now when I ask if I lost weight she gets mad at me for asking, almost like she's jealous. I can't take it anymore. She cries if someone doesn't clean the floor up, because she's been working all day... For example: She just asked me what kind of earrings she wears. And I answered small hoops. She says, do you know why I don't wear studs? And I said no, and she said "because they hurt my ears. You don't know me at all" WTF this is what I'm talking about! I can't wait to move out and AWAY forever.
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You are describing my mum

Actually made me feel a little better knowing I'm not the only one. But I'm sorry your mom is like that. It's not fun, I wish they could step back and see how the words they say are more hurtful than they know.

It sounds like you lost the weight, I have not. I'm still struggling with it and it drives her nuts, the things she says to me about it. I agree with you completely. I wish they understood how much it stings and stays with us. I'm sorry your mum does the same thing too.