My Mother-in-law Is a Pain

Pain in the butt mother-in-law

I just received a degree in a profession that I really do love, when I first decided to go after this degree my mother-in-law in the most annoying voice you could possibly speak in says to me "what can you do with that degree"? as to down me for going after my dream. Now that I have earned my degree she is all on my husband and I about the "job hunting" mind you I just graduated this month.. Knowing this retched women she wants to say "see i told you that you would not find a job with that degree" She is just so miserable she has to make everyone else that way. My parents have been supportive and mean it; she is supportive until she sees she can dig at you and then she turns in to a complete psychopath....I am so tired of her uneducated, ignorant self. My husband at least knows what a pain she is and puts her in her place. But I hate to continue to tell my husband what a pain in the butt she is. I am so happy I found a site I can vent to and reading stories of other's who are on the brink of smacking the mother-in-law...

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Dear shelby01,

My MIL would asks me why I am learning the language of the country I am living in and even has the evilness to poison her son's mind by telling him that i deserted him to live in another city, whilst the reality is that i went away to work in a city that is 2hrs away as I like the work there.
She just expects me to take any crap job and be a slave to her gorgeous son..Incidently no other human on earth is gorgeous except her inborne child!

I am currently finishing my degree program and my MIL is so similar to yours. She keeps nagging about when will I find a job. We pay all of our bills and if we come up short, I am the one who comes up with the money, but she looks at me like I'm not doing anything. I can't stand it.

pay her no mind do for yourself what feels write her comments are not important live your life she cant live your life for you so ignore her she will get the hint it worked for me i pay my mother in law no attention whats so ever so she does not bother with me anymore thank god

Good for you!!!<br />
At least your husband has the backbone to stand up to her. Mine didnt<br />
<br />
My MIL once told me after working on a project for her she wanted done for so long, I had put in long hours, sweat, blood, tears and money on this and her only comment to me was: "Practice makes perfect"<br />
<br />
LOL! She has a very low esteem so I swallowed and went on but to this day and 16 divorced years later, i rememer it with a sting.

well done you tell her to take a hike