My Mother-in-law "Told Me Off"

Oh, these stories sound all too familiar. I have one from the first dinner I ever cooked my mother-in-law. She's a very dominant type, also defensive, insecure, you know, all the "fun" stuff

She's from a different country. Her country is beautiful, and people there are very educated BUT it's surrounded by mountains. So, only the really rich people there travel, and they regard customs and beliefs of other countries as "strange" or "incorrect" (rather than "interesting" or "different.")

So, she visited us after we were married a while. Thank goodness it's a very long and expensive trip--heaven forbid that this woman live next door to me.

I knew she'd never eaten fried shrimp. As a kind gesture, I fixed a HUGE meal including 2 pounds of fried shrimp and lots of side dishes.

She starts popping the shrimp in her mouth, tail and all. So I tried to be subtle and said, "Um, we don't eat the tails. They might upset your stomach."

She replied, "My dear, I eat what I want how I want." Then deliberately opened her mouth, popped another shrimp in, tail and all, and CHOMPED on it while fake smiling at me. Sound fun? Sure was. (But after that visit, which involved many more incidents, I refused to communicate with her for about 3 years. She improved a lot, as my husband is not one to call or write. Guess she wanted to have contact with the family again.)

Holly Kay

Hollykay Hollykay
3 Responses May 12, 2008

Hey Hollykay,

My MIL gave me bulimia for 10years and I am now struggling to recover. She used to force butter cakes, honey biscuits and chunks of feta down me whenever she can and go for 0.1% fat foods for herself..!

Then she ask me why I do not eat her culture's food when her son gladly eats my culture's food.Inter race marriages can be HELL.

At least in your case, your husband improved.

My husband got worse..He grew to be as petty and as boring as the source that gave birth to him.

LMAO....who the frig eats shrimp tails?? Sorry but anyone who does is very ignorant as the tails could possibly clog up your intestines..duhhh ..anyway, your MIL sounds like a real ***** and thank God she lives farrrrr away!! I remember the first meal that I cooked for my MIL..I was in my late 20's..hubby kept telling her how I make the best pasta sauce ,raving to her about me..etc..Anyway, during the meal she said, "I make good sauce too!"... I am still shocked at how stupid it is that she would think that I was competing with her!! WTF!!? I can not believe that some women are soo sick minded that they have to compete with their son's wife!!! I have 4 sons and would only want for them to marry a woman and LOVE her cooking and I cant imagine getting jealous if they love their wife's cooking because I actually love my sons!!

i eat the tails and all, as does my wife. We like the crunch and it does not upset our stomachs....