My Mil Is Nuts

To start with, i have to say that my mother in law went to our first romantic date because my girlfriend really wanted her to get to know me right from the beginning. Which I thought really stupid, but I really liked the girl, so I had to agree on that. Than as it got serious, she started going with us to the movies, every time we went to the beach she came along and so on. But the worst is that she doesn't know how to behave and she starts clapping and singing out in public, and makes me really embarrassed. Once me and my wife went to the doctors office and she started singing there until the doctor came and told her to shut her mouth. And she isn't any good of a company, because she is really uneducated, she doesn't have manners and all she talks about are stupid things and herself. I am a really quiet person and she loves to be loud, and that gets into my nerves all the time. Once she entered my wife's house ( we live apart because I am still at college and she is working already ) and just jumped on the bed where I was lying with my wife, half naked. She entered because she as a key to everything, but didn't even knock. I found myself avoiding being with my wife on the weekends that i go see her because I can not bare the idea of being in the same room as that woman. And when my wife goes to meet me for the weekends, her mother always gets really sick and depressed, to the point where my wife needs to be texting her all the time while she is with me. We don't even have time for ourselves because she is so depressed and needs her daughter so much. And what ****** me off the most is that my wife is always excusing her because she had a rough life and is not happy with her marriage, and because she is always at home alone ( she retired at age 46 ). I feel that I don't have to pay for my mother in law's bad decisions. I am almost graduating and I will for sure be getting out of the country to get a good job, and my wife says she won't leave the country until her mother dies or her mother comes to live with us to our new home. That is actually the reason why we live apart, because my wife won't leave her mother. My wife says she is the only one who has always been there for her, but she forgets that when she was a baby her mother would let her starve for days, would put out cigarets on her, and ran away from home for weeks, leaving her in care of her father, who is a big ******* and would let her starve. If I didn't love her so much I would have left her years ago. But I feel that I am getting too tired of this BS and have reached a breaking point. Anyway, there is much more about this, but I just really needed to get part of it out of my chest. Thank you for reading
B787ss B787ss
Sep 21, 2012