Smelly House

I need to vent. My soon to be mother in laws house smells. When you go in MIL house the stench of the house gets on your clothes and in your hair and skin. Looks like and smells like the house hasn't been cleaned in years, musty old smell. She is FILTHY. The house is disgustingly dirty with dirt piled upon the windowsill. Every room is a mess. My fiance is so used to the smell that he doesn't notice it. I finally got up the nerve to ask him to change his clothing when he comes from his mothers house. The smell is staring to get in my place. I think he was insulted. I didn't mean to hurt his feelings but I can't have that smell in my place. They don't cover of the leftovers in the fridge. When you open the fridge is smell like spoiled chicken. I refuse to go back in her house. I just can no longer take it. I don't want to be mean but what am I to do. she's not a mean person just filthy and dirty. Truly, her house needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. Kitchen is a catastrophe, what the hell. No doors on the kitchen cabinets, clothes and debris everywhere. . I was told by my fiance that the windows were nailed shut 25 years ago. I couldn't believe my ears. They have no fresh air flowing through the house. No wonder it smells. I am feeling guilty about speaking my mind but I needed to vent. When we first started dating I offered to help clean the house if everyone pitched in but the suggestion went nowhere; this is just the way she lives. No care has ever been put into this house. Don't dare go into the restroom you'll be sorry. I know she notices that I sit in the car when he goes in but I don't care. Her friends do not come in the house Only a few relatives come in but they are also used to the smell. She doesn't seem embarrassed. She sits there crocheting and watching tv like there's no problem. Just venting.
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My guy's parent's home smells like black mold. We have to change our clothes, and shower when we come home. They are both in soo much denial that it makes me and people afraid to tell her sick.

Sounds like mine. Mine's 58 and single. Her room smells like hand sanitizer and *** (she never bathes or showers and she washes her hair in the sink). Her fridge is constantly full of rotten vegetables and expired dough...that she'll still eat anyway. Hell, let's get back to her room. There's piles of clothes all over the floor. She keeps beer bottles in her hamper. Discarded wrappers are all over her desk and nightstand.
And she smells weird too. It's that hand sanitizer and *** smell and it makes me gag when she gets close because it's really, really strong. Lady's an alcoholic and a chain smoker. Not a good mix.

Yet she'll constantly complain about BO on other people, yet her own foul smell never registers with her.

My in laws are ONLY 70 years old and they SMELL HORRIBLE. Not kidding I need a vent session too. I'm pregnant now which makes it all worse. They're house was build 100 years ago I think, in PA, a farm house. It smells like dog and mold and they have lost their sense of smell. My husband is used to it. I'm afraid to bring it up but they and they're house STINKS! They had ants crawling on their counters, food uncovered in the fridge, spoiled food offered for meals, etc. It's just horrible. Not only that... but we live in a very modest 1000 sq ft home and I keep it clean and smelling good of course... Well, when they visit they bring like 4 suitcases in which reek! I gag when I go into the guest room! Also, they have worn the same odor catching sandals for 2 or more years. His mom wears them every season, I don't know why. A funny/gross story just recently happened... They came over and his dad took his shoes off and I'm not kidding... I ran to the restroom and vomited. I has just eaten dinner too, it was nasty. I threw his shoes outside when he went to bed and also sprayed them with Lysol. The next day he said "How'd these shoes get out here?" and I told him the truth that they smell horrible... His father in law not only stinks he has bad manners. He burps out loud constantly and says "BBBBOOOOOB" each and every time. His mother eats with her mouth open rolling food in and out, I'm surprised my husband doesn't catch it and get annoyed like me. It's like a death sentence having to eat with them. Father in law also chews with mouth open and it's so FREAKIN loud! He once licked his dessert plate! I can't even concentrate on my plate when I'm around them! They are expected to arrive again at our home this weekend and are staying for 4 DAYS!!! I don't know what to do... I am just beyond horrified of them. I hate to say that. Who knew my in-laws would be smelly manner less people. I can deal when we are not confined, like meeting somewhere for ONE DAY or something but not a week like my husband so nicely does to me. They are very kind which is the only reason why I don't flee each and every time I can for get togethers. Eating at their house btw is one of the scariest things ever and I usually starve or bring my own snacks. My husband thinks I hate them because I have told him a time or two that of things such as the bad foot odor, hard of hearing (his dad ALSO speaks loud and has NEVER had his hearing looked at), and their crazy religion etc. that concern me. Well how'd he feel if I told him they also smell bad! I just can't go on like this and I need some advice. I want to run whenever they come over or I have to make the 5 hour trip to see them. My husband gets sooooo angry when anything is even said about them. He even got a little sensitive when I brought up that his dad was hard of hearing. I don't know what to do : ( I have a 2 year old almost and am pregnant and I just want to be happy. Please help.

I have a similar experience. :( I'm sorry you have to deal with it too. The first time (should've been the only time) I stayed there, I wore sandals in the shower because it was so gross. Unfortunately, it will never change.

It's true it won't change. We though need to figure out a way to deal with it to be happy still.

how sad