I Hate My Mother In Law

My mother in law and I started with an okay relationship, I got married and had a baby right away. So I didnt get to see everything about how she is until after I got married. It might have been a deal breaker now that I think back on it. Because I feel that she has caused many fights between me and my DH. My husband and I have been married 5 years. She has felt like the third wheel in our relationship starting right after we got married. I didnt like it, but as a newly wed I was head over heals for my DH and I dismissed it most the time. She would call constantly like 3 or 4 times a day when we werent with her. She would show up unannoced all the time. We got a long okay in the begining. Until she would come over at 7 in the morning, and start cleaning for me. Which made me feel uncomfortable, cause I felt like she was judging me for having such a mess in the house. She hired a maid without asking me and sent her over once a week. I told her no thanks, that I would rather clean and have my privacy. She still sent the maid. She doesnt respect me. We have had our ups and downs of our relationship. I told her not to come in the mornings until after 11. She cried, but accepted it. We moved away from her a whole 8 hours. She had always stayed at our house, never with her other kids. until recently because we got in a all out fight! at least it was "all out on her part" cause i really did hold back for the sake of my marriage. MIL had been staying with me helping with the kids since end of October til December, two whole months in my house yes.. i was going crazy! She would spend an ocasional 3 or 4 days way and right back again. I couldnt take it anymore when she was yelling at my husband not to displine our child. Because he was out of his bed in the morning and sleeping with grandma which has been outlined as a no no. and even MIL has agreed with it cause the kids dont let her sleep the whole night. anyway she yelled and my DH dont spank him! which my husband wasnt even spanking him. he just sent him off to his room. then MIL proceeded in annoying me because she was saying that my son had been sleeping with her since one in the morning. omg.. the combination of me fighting with my husband the day before about telling his mom to back off, her being at my house again, after she had only been gone two days and back again. it just all added up, my husband left to work. I told her, dont you tell us how to raise our kids! you are here all the time, i feel like you live with us! I need some space from you! she then proceeded to be the biggest ***** ever! bring up all these old grudges, all these old situations misunderstanding and showing how im so disrespectful. She said I've always been disrespectful. which has been true in some parts but only cause she has been disrespectful to me. I know it sounds childish, but why cant she just back off.. at least now she has finally back off. she doesnt call at all no more, she used to shower my kids with gifts, thats come to a sudden stop. my hubby was really mad at first, but its been a month and our relationship is going great without the third wheel mother in law. we used to get so spoiled my her with money and gifts, now its like the love and gifts were conditional because if I didnt act like the way she wanted all that stopped. Its finally stopped, i just dont think she should be giving gifts and money to get her family to be close to her, and she uses it to her advantage. thank god I finally broke the cord and my husband is too busy providing for our family and spending time with us that he doesnt have time for his overbearing intrusive family.
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I can relate to a mother in law who buys things for the children and then stops because she can't walk all over the parents- it's such a looser thing to do, it only hurts the kids. And my MIL is a person who also thinks buying stuff will make u closer - she's so pathetic! Good luck with everything !

Good for you! God, having my mil over that much would take me to the brink. I have pretty much the same scenario. My husband and I got married then had our little honeymoon baby. No real time to see her true colors then, Bam! We've been married now 7 years, and 2 kids.

I had a big blow out with mine last summer. It got pretty nasty. In her sick, twisted mind, her punishment for me was not talking to me, visiting, etc. ITS BEEN THE BEST 7 MONTHS EVER!!