Catty B*tchy Cat Lady

My MIL is a real piece of work. She grew up in a household with servants and was very spoiled. She was pretty when younger and very petite. This resulted in her becoming vain, selfish and unable to clean up after herself. Her house is filthy & reeks of cat p*ss and cat food. There are always flies buzzing around. I like to stay in the car when we visit because it's so uncomfortable to sit inside her house.

You would think someone like this wouldn't put on airs but she does. She pretends to have the most perfect manners, sending out thank you notes, etc, but she is incredibly rude, as you will see below.

She loves to make personal remarks. Lately she's been on a kick telling H to join Jenny Craig. If it isn't Jenny Craig, then he needs to look into gastric bypass or a pill to help him stop eating. The other night we went out for a family dinner to celebrate a relative's birthday. When I wasn't around she told my mother that H had joined Weight Watchers and now I just needed to join too!

We took her to the grocery store recently and she shoved Weight Watchers magazine in my face while I was trying to scan all of the groceries.

She seems to think it's funny to say things to people she has just met such as "This is my son. Isn't he HUGE? Can you believe that someone like that came out of ME?"

A few months ago she kept insisting over and over that we get H's old car fixed so she could drive it. We told her repeatedly that it was not worth fixing. She insisted so I paid $800 for the battery replacement and some other repairs. Not once did she say "thank you". She drove it twice and then suddenly became "afraid to drive it because it runs so terribly". Now she's on us to get it fixed again. H is on me to take money out of our savings account to buy her another car. I flatly told him no. We paid for one, she can damn well pay for the next one herself. Or learn to take the bus or taxi. She's actually within walking distance of a Safeway. Did I mention she was LAZY?

I don't even think she should be driving. H put her on OUR insurance and she hit another car. A few years ago she was pulled over coming out of her driveway and it was discovered that she had someone else's registration sticker on her car. That car was impounded and it wasn't worth paying the fee after 30 days to get it back -which is how she ended up with HIS old car.

She's also a horrible regifter and notoriously cheap. Hubs got a keychain from her this last Christmas. I got a necklace that looked like it was from the dollar store. It's embarrassing when we visit his side of the family at Thanksgiving because she always has some used dirty toy to give to the little cousins (who are now getting way too old for stuff like that anyway). I felt a little better when one of H's cousins who is my age said "We only invite her because we love the two of you. If you weren't coming she would not be invited. No one else can stand her"

I would love to move away somewhere far rather than living a 10 minute drive from her house. She has him going over there about 4 times a week. We can't even get any peace on the weekend. If he's doing something with me it's because I'm "dragging him all over the place".I guess she thinks I'm forcing him to do things he doesn't want to do and that's only OK when SHE is doing the forcing.

I love my husband but I've thought about leaving more than once because I can't stand his mother and I can't stand the fact that he won't stand up to her once and for all.
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36-40, F
Jan 21, 2013