Time To Vent!!!

I have some pretty serious health issues and moved to KY so that I would be closer to my brother. I have a young daughter and need to make sure someone I can trust will be there for her if I am hospitalized again or something happens to me. The problem is that I live on the property that he has a lifetime lease on through "friends". His friends are driving me nuts. I hate stereotyping people but every time I have to deal with these people my jaw clenches and my teeth grind!  I'm sure most of us have heard the terms "trailer trash" or "white trash" but these people give new definition to those terms! I hate using those terms but can find no other way to put it.

This couple does everything in their power to make my life a nightmare. They pull things out of the top of their hat just to create drama. They tell bold face lies and in front of my face. To attempt to cover up their lies or make themselves believed they yell and scream. They have no control over their four small children and nit pic at mine. My daughter is a very well behaved little girl, I will not say that she does no wrong but as far as children go she is very happy and well adjusted. If my daughter so much as disagrees with any of their children I am told she is being bossy. Here is the deal. She was at their sons birthday party. He turned 4 and got a bike that was inside the house. My daughter is 8. Anyway, this little boy kept trying to hit my daughter with the tire of his bike. She reached out her hand to stop the bike and his sister who is 6 grabbed my daughters arm and told her not to do that to her brother. Now the father was not paying attention, he was busy talking to some of his guests. I told the little girl that my daughter did not want to be hit with the bike and she replied that she should not do that to her brother. When it kept going on, I looked at my daughter and told her "we are not doing this, let's go". The father heard me and said loud enough for only me to hear "well then get the **** out of my house then. I was already on my way to get my daughters coat and just turned around and looked at him. on my way to the door I told him I heard what he said and that it was uncalled for and then I left.

Now the crazy part. This man came over to my brothers trailer and told him that I did all sorts of things at his house. He just pulled lies out of thin air! He did not even see what was going on, he only heard me tell my daughter that we were not doing this.

(These people are nasty. Their house is so filthy that every one of their children has had a staph infection, including the baby. They neglect them, allow them to play outside unattended and without winter coats, including being in the street with their bikes. These children are between the ages of 1 and 6. The one year old is always in her crib crying to get out and the rest are wherever while the mom sleeps or plays on her computer. They had an open case with child protective services but the woman who came out every month to check up on them was a family member and the case has now been closed.)


Since that happened I just don't go over there at all. But last night, this mans wife came over and wanted both my brother and I to come over for a talk. So I got my daughters coat and we all headed next door. When we arrived, this woman demanded to know when I was leaving. She wanted me off her property. My brother hit the roof! He informed them that he is leasing the property and that they have no right to say who stays there with him. Both my brother and this other man (who is a sort of friend to him) got into a yelling match and I just got my daughter and left. Then they called the police. Apparently they thought the police would make me leave. Didn't happen!

These people throw money around like they are rich or something but neglect to pay their bills. It seems like every time they panic about the electric or water bill, they start crap with me. I am doing what I can to get out of here and find a place as far away from them as possible but the housing here is limited and I'm going insane! I have never done anything to these people. I got a hotel room for a week because it was so bad. Their water line broke and this  woman came to my hotel room to ask if her and her daughter could shower there and I let them. Even when I am so angry I can spit, I still act in polite manner toward  them.

Not to be stupid or anything, but I just don't get how anyone can act in such a way and then take their problems out on someone else. They are the drama king and queen of the entire town and I just can't stand them!

 OK. Enough of my venting. Lol, I don't sound much better than they when I talk like this. I'm just frustrated and writing about it is a nice calm way for me to deal with it.

Thanks for letting me vent!

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You're right, and I find that EP is a great way to do that:)

Its much better to ventel your emotions now in stead of bottling up all these negative emotions,<br />
frustrations and anger because they will burst out later on and you will never know what will happen