My Parents Fighting.

I've never really saw them fight when I was a child. I was told that when I was very young, they would fight all the time, but because of my dad's family. When we moved out, we didnt really have a problem. 

The first time I saw them fight, I was about 12. I was shocked, because I've never really seen them fight before, and I didnt know what to do, So I just sat in my room and listened to them smash objects and yell at each other, on the room beside me. 

After about 1-2 hours, they calmed down, and my dad came into my room to apologize to me and my brother. 

And I thought everything was going to be okay after that. Like no more fights and stuff.

But these days, they're fighting alot more frequently, and I have no idea what to do. 
They fight about how my mom doesnt appreciate what my dad gets her, etc. And just this morning, (about 9-10 am) I woke up to them talking. (I sleep in their room because the A/C in my room is broken.)

My mom was talking (jokingly) about how my father isnt proud of her, and how he doesnt think she's beautiful and stuff.
And at first, he was pretty okay with it, telling her he doesnt care what others think because she's the most gorgeous of them all. 

After awhile, their voices raised quite a bit, (I was still pretending to sleep.) and my mom was saying how she doesnt get to go to his events, and parties and stuff. 
And I was thinking that my mom should stop right there, because my dad was starting to be pretty pissed, but she kept going on and on. And my dad snapped and started yelling about how she doesnt trust him and stuff. 

They've fought about how my mom doesnt trust my dad before, (That was the reason for the fight I saw when I was 12) 
And he keeps saying that why does she have to keep on not trusting him. 
And he was telling her that everytime she goes out with her friends, they argue about something because my mom's friends have like failed marriages and stuff. 
My dad slammed the door of the bathroom loudly, and I stopped pretending to sleep after that. 

They dont seem to have a problem fighting infront of me, (because i'm the oldest.) 

And after I think that things finally seem to be getting quiet, he grumbles about stuff and then they argue all over again. And i'm like what the hell, I'm so pissed at them both. My mom starts the fight, but my dad has to start it all over again, once things get quiet.

And while they're fighting, I'm just there, scared outta my wits, and Im feeling this tingling sensation on my arms and stuff, and I just wrap the comforter all around me and curl up in a ball.

He only physically hurt her one time. He went home late from a meeting with his friends, (he's a president of some charity club.) and my mom was calling him, and he didnt answer that first call. She got pissed and told him not to go home. And when he got home, he was in some kind of rampage. (I think he may have had something to drink) And I woke up to my mom coming in my room and going to my bed, because my dad pushed/punched her or something. (I was sleeping, and she was in the other room, so I couldnt see what he did.) 

Sometimes, when I'm in my room, I read and things are quiet. I hear voices, like my parents fighting in the other room, and I check up on them and everything's fine. And everytime I think about their fights, I feel this tingling in my arms, and I just wanna stop thinking about it.

They dont fight infront of my little brother and sister though, (ages 5 and 8) or do very little fighting infront of them.

They may be just a normal couple trying to settle their differences, but Its so hard to witness those! I feel really sick, and i'm so scared at what my dad might do, because he hits the walls, and slams the door and stuff, and all I wanna do is wrap my comforter around myself and curl up in a ball.

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1 Response May 17, 2012

I have the same problem.Everyone told me that i am suffering from depression.i hear voices too i think that they are fighting in the office. if you ever wanna talk to someone i will be here. thrust me.right now my mum got pissed cause my dad didn't put something in the fridge like OMG. i will be here if you wanna talk.