Is My Mother Mentally Ill Or She Just Act Like One?

I am 29 years old and since I was born all my parents have done is fighting. My mother is impulsive, jelous, obsesive compulsive and make up a lot of story. She constansly figth with my Dad. She thinks he is gonna leave her but the reality is that they have been together for 30 years and my Dad has no intention of doing it so. My dad can even say a word because she will try to put him down and insult him right in front of friends and strangers. My dad can't talk to my grandmother because she says my grandmother want to find him another women and that she wants my dad to leave her.(something is not true). My dad work everyday untill late at nigth and then go home and cook because she wouldn't do it. If he does not answer her calls she will get so crazy and start calling my dad's job phone number. At work she fights with the co-workers. She thinks people talk behind her back. She has lost every job she has had because she end up fighting and acting aggresively at work. Some nights she won't let my dad sleep and threat him on killing herself, but she never does. I think she just manipulate my dad by telling him that if he leave her she end her life. I fight a lot with her because I have nicely asked her to please stop the fighting and keep peace in the family. I told her to seek help because she is not right. I have a lot of anxiety due to this situation that I don't see the end. I love my parents but I fill I can't never spend a minute with them because i feel so miserable. I don't live with them and every time I come visit is the same crap. I know I am an adult now but this has been affecting me since I was a little girl. I don't know what to do. I feel like leaving and never come back. Forget about them and live far away where their problems won't reach me. What should I do?
cienfuegos cienfuegos
Dec 4, 2012