Yet I Don't Want Them to Divorce

It's freaking New Year's, my parents are fighting. My mum has an OCD with cleanliness and my dad often messes up in this area so you can imagine what happens. It's actually what spurred me to look for a site like this/ register here - this is my first post, I decided to post an altered version of my first comment (on one of the stories here).

Back to the point. I can't exactly pinpoint what my parents are like. They fight often, but after the fight blows over (takes a few days) they ...what?... almost love each other again. I don't want them to get a divorce either, I don't know how I'd deal with it when school is almost suffocating in itself. Just freaking stop arguing!

I try not to cause their fighting, but I feel guilty when I do cause it. Most of the time, it's that cleanliness issue though.

I'm crying now because my mum is screaming in the background, one day (actually a few hours) before I have to sleep then start a new school year. (It's a one-sided fight. My mum is almost always the one being angry.)

How do you deal with fighting parents? I've tried turning my music up, it only further aggrevates my mum after a while and it's bad for my hearing, given how often they fight. I've tried earphones, they don't work.

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My mom has an issue with cleanliness too. She even washes the fake flowers in the house. She rinses the clothes by hand which have been rinsed by the washing machine already. She wipes and cleans and nags at everyone. Then she feels tired that she's the 'only one doing the work' and rile at us for not helping. It's tough. Just keep your head up high and forget about them when they fight. Don't let it affect you. We always say we won't ever ever ever be like our parents when we grow up but sadly most of us end up the same way. So we gotta stop the trend! Fight for our rights. Be better parents.

I know how you feel I have it the same way though it is mostly about me and my half sister my dad is on my side my mom on my sisters and when my dad says something bad about my sister My mom has to say something bad about me and I just cry because when I think about it they might break up because of ME I sometimes want comit suicide but I am 13 and scared and I have 2 younger sisters the main reason we fight is my mom protects my half sister and my dad protects me because my half sister has call child services because she hates us or cause my dad grounded her there is no abuse at all I promise but she has run away 1 the day before my 12 birthday so you know what I got for that birthday a cop with my sister and a day of argu she has called the child services3 times and it scares me because I and my little sister might be split up or taken away from my mom and dad because she hates us and that is why my parents mostly fight is cause of my half sister also because we fight me and my sister and they are their defending us I feel it is all my fault if I wasn't here my dad wouldn't have to fight with my mom becuase me and my sister fight or they wouldnt haft to defend sides

Don't let their fighting effect you, I used to feel guilty when my parents fought too. Even when I didn't cause it, somehow I took responsibility even when it had nothing to do with me..... The only advice I have is don't fear what your parents have, be aware completely of what they are. It is easy for people to follow parents footsteps if they aren't careful :-)

I understand. My parents were like that too. I think you have to realize it's not your fault, just remember that's not what you want for your future. Just remember you are not them and as soon as school is out and you have graduated you can get out and feel free. It is the greatest escape!!!: )

aww i can relate, my parents fight a lot too and i hate it. i just sit in my room and do nothing.

My parents used to fight like that all the time..... all i can say is find something to do and dont thnk about it.... thats what got me into music..... but just like find something you enjoy doing and concentrate on that......

Bless your heart. I am so saddened by your story. Is your Mom getting any help for her OCD?