I live with my gransparents.well they where.both upstairs like 30 minutes ago.by the way my grandpa had heart surgery and he's 65 and my grandma started screaming at him for nothing just because he was telling me what he was doing tommorow.and my grandpa just layed in his bed and he sobbed bis heart out and my grandma told him to go **** himself like 20 times and called him every name in the book.and he sobbed his heart and he cried.and my grandma told him she didnt love him no more.and he cried even harder.i love both of my grandparents to peaces but im scared and dont know what to do.what can i do?what should i do to fix this problem and make the family okay again?
deshaneejardine deshaneejardine
16-17, F
Aug 23, 2014