Ive dealt with my parents fighting. Im in the 6th grade and every since I was 5 my parents fought. Sometimes it was really bad and it made me yell and scream. Today theyre fighting about something stupid because my mom was joking with my dad ad my dad had a tiring day so he didn't take it as a joke. Now they wont talk to each other. Im so fed up with this bull crap but I cant do anything about it but listen or watch. Sometimes I wish my life could end s I wouldn't have to hear it anymore. Someone please help and tell me what I can do. Im desperate

LostKrispieUpset LostKrispieUpset
16-17, F
1 Response Aug 24, 2014

Btw m brothers and sisters are home but they don't worry as much as I do. I worry a lot about the littlest things cause im frightened because of all the hurtful things ive seen and heard. Especially since I had to deal with my parents and being bullied from first grade to 5th