Stupid Fights

i cant stand it when my mom and step dad fights about stupid stuff like... cooking -_-

like... what goes first and what goes second. theyre both strict parents but my step dad has alot of

issues, he lose his temper in just one second. while my mom has been keeping it like a volcano for 6

years, she finally exploded yesterday and the next thing you know, the "unfinished" cooking are all

over the floor, its all over the stove, the toaster was on the stove, our thermos is now broken. and

my step dad left at about 6pm and came back by 3am, and i had to clean it up. the water from the

thermos caused my little sister (4yrs old) slip and then my mom is going crazy! she was crying, then

the next second, laughing at what just happened. and today theyre in their room "trying" to talk it

out but ends up screaming and throwing things. now theres no sound and i dont know what

happened but its really.. a "nice" way to start march break huh? aghhh!!!!!

rhodetella rhodetella
Mar 14, 2009