**** You and That.

First of all...I hate my dad. Miserably. I hate him so much, and I hate that everyone tells me I should love him for the sake that he's my DAD.

I also hate that the people who tell me to love him hate him as well.

I really hate when my parents fight. My mom is a very loving, responsible, hard working person. How does she end up with a bum like my dad?

Probably 99% of the reasons they fight is because of my dad. My mom really does nothing wrong. My dad's voice is the one you hear the loudest. The one who starts throwing things off the table.

Why haven't she divorced him yet? Financial reasons, of course. Without him, there wouldn't be enough money.

It sucks when they call you over and ask you to choose a side. You always end up feeling sorry for each parent, but you know deep inside you favor one over the other. But you can't choose, afraid of what will happen.

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haha i tought its only in my house its everywere i donno why parents dont think about how their kids feel when they are fighting. this is my life..
am physically handicapped,my parents are typical middle class indian family who just have enough money for daily needs and even sumtimes they dont have money for my school fees and my treatment yet they survived and bought me into a very good engineer, they (specially my mom) worked very very hard when i was kid, they always usually fight with each other i know and have been there since i was 5, i cry as they fight and donno what to do, they fight for 5 days and remain good for another 5 days [i donno this why the hell they fight and again make up] the fight is usually for inadequate money they have ... now am 29 and an engineer and have enough money and my father is retd.. still they fight , my mom takes all older scene in front of me telling all old stories about how my dad was when i was kid, he was a drunk,not have enough money bla bla bla.. now still i can feel the pain tough i wont cry. it really feels very much pain if u wont cry.. still its the same scene tough we have money and all things which we can fulfill,here many couples dont divorce as easily as in western countries.marraige is ofthen termed as sacred here.. please always be calm and act like a educated person , but here in family case never take stand on one side , u cant simply blame ur dad or mum because he/she is wrong. think wisely and take wise steps not to hurt them, not u get hurt by urself.. simply learn to BALANCE your life .. life is not always bed of roses..

You guys have the same problem is me...My mom normally starts the fights but its not her fault! She suffers from deep depression because her family and my dad treated her badly...She had 3 abortions and 1 miscarriage and my dad blamed her for being too weak...Today it was really bad cuz' she started hitting my dad and she told him to bash his head against the wall and he did 2 times then my big brother stopped him and his friend kept my mom quiet. Then my dad left...Help me....

I share same pain and hurt as u all. My Dad is a Biggest Jerk on Earth.. he is narcissistic, egoistic, he thinks he is always right and worst is he is soo good to others that other thinks he is the greatest man ever lived but at home, towards his family he acts as a jerk. He never loved my mom, he never appreciated her. When I was a kid they used to fight soo much and He even physically abused her.. My mom had such a hard life. She had few miscarriages and my dad blamed her for that. Now, he emotionally tortures her. I always take my mom’s side now and I am her greatest support but my dad now tortures her even more because he say to my mother: “you are the reason why my kids are against me. U put this hatred in them” he is unable to realize that we also have brain and eyes. They don’t talk for weeks at times and it makes our house environment soo depressing and stressful. I cant study, I cant do anything. I cant focus. 99% of the time its my dad’s fault. I seriously wish they had divorce looooong time ago, but my mother can’t leave him for financial reason coz she doesn’t work. and almost all of her family lives in a different country. I hate my life. I want to die.. I cant see my mom suffer like this.. it kills me inside when I see her cry.. she is soo loving and caring... I feel so helpless.

My mom and dad r fighting all the time.they start yelling,throwing stuff. 2 minutes ago they had a HUGE fight.i am crying my mom got out side to chill.i dont know what to do.i am very scared.my dad throw a pillow,bananas,orange like everything. i dont like that.they r fighting because they work together. so they r together 24 hours a day. :(((((

My parents weren't really the ones to fight all the time.<br />
My mom got laid off and that's when It all started.<br />
Today was the worse of them all.<br />
My grandma is in town and even she started crying.<br />
It ended with my dad telling me and my brother to get in the car and my mom telling us to get in her car. He started hurting her and it got ugly. I couldn't stand my dad hurting her so I got in his car so he would stop. He stormed off and scared my mom. She called the police.<br />
99% of the time it's my dads fault blaming my mom.<br />
My mom doesn't deserve it.<br />
She's the best person I have ever met.<br />
She's kind, repsonsible, ams does more than she should for my dad. He doesn't appreciate anything he does for her. He doesn't deserve her.<br />
But y does she let him?<br />
I don't know.<br />
He calls her bad things and cursing at her and making her cry.<br />
No one should ever have to do with that.<br />
Making everyone scared and sad.<br />
She doesn't want to have to split my brother and I so she wants to stay together.<br />
She 2 guess her self all the time of y she married him.<br />
Then she tells us <br />
It was the best mistake she's ever made because with him she made us.

I go through the same situation. I feel the same exact way. I feel l am a referee to their fighting and have to step in at times to keep it under control. They'll ask me to choose a side, and i really know my mom is right but don't want to make my dad more angry if i side with my mom. I get so tired of them fighting. I don't want them to divorce but sometimes I think it would be better. I have no one to talk to about this, because no one understands. I'm just not sure how to handle the situation, because day after day it gets worse.

I know you all might hate me after i leave this comment. but my case is a bit different. ........my mom is the one who starts the fight. after a fight, i usually stare at dad, and he smiled even if he knew what kind of situation he's in. i tried asking him what made mom upset, and he said ' she always upset whatever i do' so i dont know who i should took sides. but theres nothing physical. after hearing your stories, PLEASE......... BE PATIENT.....GOOD TIMES WILL COME. I DO NOT TAKE SIDES FROM YOUR MOMS AND DADS. BUT IF THINGS HAPPEN LIKE MR.notdestroyed,................... CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY

damn, this srsly hits home. I feel ya dude.<br />
completely dominating, misogynistic, agressive, egotistical and just a complete bigot.<br />
<br />
<br />
...*****, u don't dictate my opinions<br />
<br />
i seriouslllyyyy HATE when people say this kind of ****. It's almost like rubbing their good parent-child relationships right in your face.

I hate my dad he is a ***** a full blown *****. Sometimes I wish someone would put me out of my misery and kill me :l or kill my undeserving step-father he may make 300 dollars a day but he puts my familyAND his in hell. He is ether mad sleeping or eating. I would give my life to see him die a extremely slow death. But they do not hitt each other luckily.

I also have the problem! My mom is nice,caring,lovely, beautiful and many more but he just wants to fight ! We want to some friends to come over he starts saying," I DONT WANT TO DO THAT!!!!!!"really loud! So our dads may be selfish jerks but their our dads! We have a lot of stuff in common(I mean all of us) and try to find that stuff ! He will get nicer and calmer and way happier because he is having fun and doing something he acutally likes( not the mall) and is spending time with you! You may hate him because of his behavior but you all love him deep down in your heart! Hes the one who changed your diapper when your mom was way to grossed out! Parents fight, of course, it happens! The only reason that they dont break up is that they still love eachother! If it gets serious by throwing things then call a friend or go to a neighbor!They will help! <br />
<br />
Good luck,<br />

Sounds like we are having something in common! My parents have been fighting ever since i can remember. Its usually my dad who gets raced up for a fight and beats my mum. I have seen it as a kid when he crashed a chair on her head and have seen him grab and twisted her fingers which led to a broken two bones and him punch her on the face that she was bleeding from her mouth.I was about 5 or 6 then but i can clearly remember everything. I hate my dad i could easily say i would rather not have him around anymore. Theres nothing good about him. I just want them to get a divorce. <br />
Well, no matter what happens we have no control over these things. And now being a grown up i try to make myself think that its not my fault that hes such a jerk. I do my best to protect my mother. and thats the best i can do.. If he ever touch her with his finger tips im prety sure im gonna make his life hell... All i can say is be brave! Thats all we can do after all ..

If you`ve seen your dad beat your mum like that, breaking her finger, hitting her, ect., i would talk to the cops...

i swear right? my parents have been fighting all my life. i dont remember a time when they ******* didnt fight... im so sick of it. i wanna die

dont, if you do, you'll go to the seventh floor of hell forever

i know how you feel...and im sorry for the both of us

You don't even know how much I can relate to this. My parents fight just like yours, and like you said, 99% of the time it's started by my dad's nasty attitude. My mom is so very much responsible, caring, and tries everything in her power to not fight and stay calm. But it's like my dad WANTS to fight. He just said to my mom out of the blue, "Go ahead, just scream at me." And he says it like everything is her fault when he is the one being nasty and acting like a selfish jerk. I can't stand it and my mom knows how much I hate it when they fight, so she told me I should go upstairs. I love her so much and I really have no clue as to why she is still with him. They've been married for like 20 years, but just because its a high number, doesn't mean they have to stay together. Also, its just the opposite in my family, my mom makes literally ALL the money. My dad doesn't work, retired from his "self-employed" architecture job. I sometimes wish they would just get it over with and get divorced, but I'm also scared what it will do to them. I feel like they depend so much on eachother, I just don't want to see my mom... or dad breakdown.<br />
<br />
But anyways... best of luck with everything. Just know, that you're not the only one out there who feels this way :)

Place a white flag on your bedroom door and call youself a <br />
<br />
neutral zone!..