I will admit my boyfriend is not perfect and no one is usually. I went with my boyfriend and my sister and her fiancé to a family function like 2 months ago. My sister drove us and when we were in her car he put his arm around me and gave me a few kisses. My sister said no public affection in the car. He said ok sorry and than he made a few jokes to try to break the ice with my sister and her fiancé. Than we went to the function he and I were a little affectionate but we talked to a few people there and didn't block everyone out and than we all took pictures together. Later on that night when we got home my sister and her fiancé told my mom which I said he was trying to make a few jokes. Her fiancé said he seems like a jerk. I said how do you judge already you barely know him. Than my mom said ok he can't come in the house anymore you can only see him out of the house it's crazy. I just wish everyone could get along.
mgn55 mgn55
31-35, F
May 30, 2014